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With over 20 years working & supplying concreting and resurfacing to the Gold Coast and surrounds, we have the dedication and expertise to provide whatever your requirements are for residential and projects.

We are fully licenced and insured, along with outstanding customer service, quality of work and detailed quotations, you’ll find it hard to choose anyone else.

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Colour Concrete Tallai

Specialising In All Decorative Concrete Finishes

Even though we dirty our hands on all aspects of concreting starting at simple tile base patios, we at Walker Concreting specialise in the decorative aspect of the industry. We believe firmly that a quality decorative project not only involves the knowledge of how to install the applications correctly, but also the installer having a little bit of artistic perspective to look outside the box and make sure each job is something to be remembered.

Take a look below for some information on our more common applications.

Exposed Aggregate Pool Surrounds

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

With literally acres of exposed aggregate completed by myself and our employees, there are no better contractors you could contact to make sure your exposed is installed correctly.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete has a lot of little bits of “timing” to be perfected during installation to make sure it’s done correctly, these timings make or break the install and not all concreters can install Exposed Aggregate properly.

With Exposed Aggregate, the difference between a quality install and a sub-standard install are vastly visible, so do yourself a favour, even if it costs a few extra dollars, get someone who can show you their work so you’re not one of the ones caught out with stones coming loose and horrible wear and tear.

Concrete Resurfacing Ashmore

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

This section covers a range of different applications for different results, everything having it’s place and application and everything having fantastic, sheek looking results from the mild to wild.

Starting with Covacrete, spray on resurfacing is completed with an air compressor and hopper and the options with finishes is only limited to your imagination…providing of course your installer has the ability to complete your desires.

Epoxy Flooring is a stunning finish used primarily for indoor applications like your garage, kitchen or commercial environment. Ranging from fully flecked colours through to marble sheen finishes, they will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Concrete Driveway Upper Coomera

Integrally Coloured Concrete

We offer a wide range of colours to integrally colour your concrete during installation. These oxide pigments are mixed through the concrete before we place and colour the concrete right through top to bottom.

Used mostly to create a decorative piece of concrete that is more “naturally” appealing, we like to use these colours to offset and blend with a properties surroundings and house colours. Not always a good idea to completely try and match colours, as with any natural products, there is always room for the colour not coming out 100% as desired, but typically as a whole, they blend perfectly.

One option to try is using one colour to do a 150mm border and inserts, then pouring another colour to the remainder of the project, such a nice finish with a little bit of flair.

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