Custom Concrete Resurfacing & Epoxy Flooring Gold Coast

Focusing on custom concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring projects in and around the Gold Coast and Brisbane. I specialise in layered stone designs utilising different tones and methods for their application, along with artistic metallic epoxy creations.

You can view my portfolio either on INSTAGRAM where you can view what I have completed over the years. I have detailed below some design styles, food for thought, along with a PORTFOLIO page linked with all else on display.

I Prefer all project proposals to be emailed with some basic photos, information and ideas for the work you require. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sandstone concrete resurfacing Gold Coast

Desert Dreams

The forefront of my “stone” designs is a design called “Desert Dreams”. I utilise several custom, layered tones and patterns throughout to create a deep, complex concrete overlay to somewhat imitate Sandstone, whilst remaining it’s own, unique application.

Stockholm Stone

This is a tonal variation of our original “Desert Dreams”, utilising the same techniques in a more modern, grey to blue toning. This particular one was custom finished off with a Midnight Blue border to somewhat frame the design.

Custom concrete resurfacing Gold Coast

Stormy Skies

This is one of my custom designs working more towards the artistic side of creation, as opposed to realism. It is meant to take form from the approaching storm and the madness that is about to ensue, whilst holding onto a structure throughout. A very modern approach to concrete resurfacing.

Skip trowel concrete resurfacing Gold Coast

Skip Stone & Stain

Full customisable overlay that is layered to look like a realistic stone tile, then hand stained in colours of your choosing. This particular application was an attempt to represent Aboriginal Heritage of the customer, appearing a form of sun bleached turtle shell.

Metallic epoxy Gold Coast

Metallic Epoxy

You’ll find more examples of what I’ve completed in metallic epoxy in the portfolio and social media pages, you’ll soon get the idea that the creation inspiration is limitless with this product. From single colour designs to multi toned and blended formations of ideas, this is my favourite application method for decorative flooring.

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