Driveway Refurbishment Arundel

Concrete Refurbishment Arundel

Project Description

Location: Arundel
Project Size: 55sqm

Our clients for this project were in the middle of upgrading their entry, parking and driveway to the house when they called us to price the refurbishment of the driveway section.

The driveway was in relatively good condition and had previously been resurfaced a fair few years ago. Our client wanted to add more concrete to the sides making it wider, so instead of just doing a small extension to the side, which is not very strong, we decided to remove approximately half of the old driveway, firstly, to look like both sides were even and that the project was one whole driveway and hadn’t just been extended to, along with the section that was removed had extensive cracking through it, which we could also eliminate from causing a headache in the future.

Once we had all the old concrete out and everything formed and steel up thoroughly, making sure all the starter dowels and re-entry bars were in place along with the standard reinforcing, the concrete was pour and we walked away until the following week.

On returning I proceeded to get the floor grinder out and make a hell of a mess as usual. I removed all the old surface of the concrete back to stone, then went on with some minor crack repairing, followed by a heavy acid wash making the surface all ready to start applying our products.

Preparation is everything when resurfacing and as always, there was nothing lacking on this one. Not only were the above steps followed, but extra attention put into all the small cold joints and levels making sure this renovated driveway looked exactly like a brand new flash one when finished.

Once all that work was complete, we returned to apply an 800mm diamond pattern with a 150mm border in 12mm tape, two top coats of Almond colour, followed by a charcoal and white fleck to finish off the coatings. A full acrylic sealer was then applied for another lovely finish to be proud of.

Thank you to our clients as always, we look forward to seeing the finished result once the carport is all complete.

Concrete Refurbishment Arundel
Concrete Refurbishment Arundel
Concrete Refurbishment Arundel
Concrete Refurbishment Arundel

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