Exposed Aggregate Driveway Maudsland

Exposed Aggregate Maudsland

Project Description

Location: Maudsland
Project Size: 55sqm

I haven’t been too busy updating the website for the past month or so, not due to lack of things to post, but due to lack of quality projects to post about.

We have been completing plenty of work, but doing a lot of work for builders, which is nearly always just structural work ready for extensions and so forth, along with the private clients we have had have seemed to all be small boat parking areas or patios. All of which are very important to our business and we thank our clients for their work, but I like to keep the website updated with more decorative projects that we take on, as that is the main direction I steer with the business.

In saying that, we managed to get back onto the Exposed Aggregate Concrete this week with a new driveway installation at Maudsland (Riverstone Crossing). This project was a client who approached us about 6 months ago during the initial stages of their build, of which we provided an estimation for their driveway to be completed upon hand over from builder.

Once hand over was complete, we met the client onsite for the first time, then were confronted with a small dilemma regarding the new NBN that is being installed everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I more than anyone am dying to get some decent internet on at my house, but it’s becoming quite normal for the NBN node boxes to be installed in the middle of the proposed new driveway. Both this client, along with our client next week, have both had the same problem, then whilst contacting NBN to figure out what can be done, they were both given the reply of “you should have planned your house build better, we will charge $3000 to come out and move it”.

Ok, somewhat fair enough NBN, but our client is not only faced with this problem, but also a council planted tree also in the middle of the driveway (which is not allowed to be touched without written approval), along with a few meters down an easement sewer grate. All in all, nothing of an overly large problem to solve, just amusing that our clients couldn’t get a break at all at their entrance.

But, I digress, enough of the whinging about government endeavours.

After our normal excavation and removal of the concrete curbing, we installed the boxing allowing for a “not so symmetrical” approach from the road (given all the obsticles), along with of course our steel reinforcing and other necessities.

Concrete was poured today in Tibrogargan 75 (Black and White 75% white). A little bit tricky coming down the hill on an odd angle, along with concrete going off like a rocket as usual, saw us but only a 5 hours onsite before packing up and calling it a day.

Thank you to our clients for this project, not only for your work, but for making our business easy together. I look forward to hearing from you for the remaining pathways later on.

Exposed Aggregate Maudsland
Exposed Aggregate Maudsland
Exposed Aggregate Maudsland
Exposed Aggregate Maudsland