Concrete Resurfacing Maudsland

Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands

Project Description

Location: Maudsland
Project Size: 94sqm

We started off this week rejuvinating a driveway out at Maudsland. It had originally been completed in colour, but unfortunately had gotten some cracking through it due to what looks like a typically cut and fill block settling, and as always with colour, any little thing stands out like dogs balls for all to see.

With no structural problems with the concrete, we began with our typical repairing of the cracking which involves grinding out the cracks, then filling them with a custom brew of product. The theory behind repairing of cracks, is basically once ground underneath the concrete has settled and moved, allowing the concrete itself to settle and move…and crack, it technically shouldn’t need to settle anymore than it already has. So if we grind out and patch the cracking, usually we never see those cracks again….as long as the steel reinforcing is doing it job of course.

After repairing the cracks we floor grinded back the surface making sure we had enough traction for our products to bite onto, then base coated everything in “Natural” colouring.

8mm taped lines where then applied at 800mm diamonds, two top coatings applied in “Blue Mountain” colouring, then “Natural” flecking applied as well. All finished up with a good coating of acrylic sealer, which after settling for a few days, will make all the lovely colours shine through.

Not an overly complicated project this one, but time consuming all the same. It’s always nice though seeing a piece of concrete that isn’t quite up to scratch, then resurfacing it making it look amazing and modern.

Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands
Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands
Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands

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