Where are you located?
We are located in Mount Nathan on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

What areas do you service?
We offer our supply and installation services to all of the Gold Coast and Surrounds, also as far west as Canungra and north to Springwood.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have personally been working on the Gold Coast for 18+ years and I have been contracting to the Coast for just over 12 years.

Are you licenced?
Yes. I am licenced through the QBCC in Queensland with an open category Concreters licence #1108942.

Are you a registered business?
Yes. My business name is Walker Concreting & Resurfacing and I am the owner/operator of said business.

What areas do you specialise in?
We specialise in the Residential sector of the industry supply our clients with top quality concrete and resurfacing solutions for projects starting at footpaths and driveways, then ranging through to house slabs.

Is there a minimum area size you work to?
Typically, we do not quote work under 50sqm, but if the project is of interest to us (usually something decorative), we are more than happy to take a look.

Is there a maximum area size you work to?
The way we setup our operations, for larger work they are broken down into smaller sections. A payment schedule and work schedule will be arrange with out clients prior to starting, so if your project is say 1000sqm, we may break that down into 5 separate sections, with payment due after each section. Long story short, there is no Residential work that is too large for us.

What is included in your base rate pricing per sqm?
Although your quotation will be detailed our with inclusions and exclusions, typically, the standard inclusions in our sqm pricing are Steel Mesh Reinforcing, N12 Starter Dowels, N12 Re-Entry Bars, Abel Flex Expansion, 100mm of Chosen Concrete, Tooling or Saw Cutting of Control Joints.

What are typical items I can expect to pay for that are not in the base rate pricing?
Depending on what needs to be done, costing on top of our base rates are Machine Works for excavation and sub-grading, Concrete Pump to place concrete, Fill to be brought onto site to raise levels, Fill to be taken away from site, Demolished Concrete to be taken away from site.

How long does a standard installation of a driveway take?
Here at Walker Concreting we focus on quality over quantity. We can, if pushed, have your driveway prepared and poured on the same day, however, we like to take our time a bit more and make sure all the finer things are completed correctly to ensure a quality installation. You’ll typically find we’ll spend a day on the machine works, cutting the kerb out and setting up some boxing, then return on the second day to prepare all the steel, able flex and anything else that needs completing. We will then pour your driveway, returning a few days later to complete a site clean up, control joints and an acid clean if installing exposed aggregate. Of course we take on multiple projects at any given time, so this allows enough plenty of time on each project going to and from sites to make sure they’re done properly and not just rushed along.

What is the minimum strength of concrete you supply?
Concrete has a standard strength of 20MPA, however, we install a minimum of 25MPA. We believe highly in making sure all the materials are strong, then when they are installed correctly by our concreters, there is no doubt that the end solution is of upmost quality.

What is the minimum size steel reinforcing you install?
We install SL72 reinforcing mesh as standard on all residential projects, unless advised otherwise by engineered specifications. We also use 12mm deformed bar for re-entry and dowel applications.

What finishes are available for my plain grey and coloured concrete?
We can either finish you concrete with a broom to add some surface texture, or stippler finish it to again create some surface texture, but in a more fashionable appearance (restricted to size limits of your slab). We can then upon request, steel trowel finish it smooth, or use our trowel machine to burn the surface.

Should I acid clean my exposed aggregate?
Yes. Included in your pricing at all times is an acid clean and wash 2 days after we pour the concrete. It is a good idea to give it a light acid clean every 12 months to keep it fresh.

Should I seal my new concrete?
Debatable on plain grey concrete, however, coloured, stamped and exposed aggregate is recommended to be initially sealed with 2 coats of high grade acrylic sealer, then re-sealed every 12 months. This keep the water from penetrating the surface matrix, and keeps your concrete not only looking fresh, but from eroding into the surface.

Do you do Covacrete Resurfacing?
Yes. We specialise in Covacrete Resurfacing. Not only have we been plying our trade in this section for a long time now, we also like pushing the boundaries on designs and our artistic approach, always striving to come with something new that hasn’t been done 100 times already.

Is there another option for Covacrete instead of spraying it on?
Yes. We also apply Covacrete in a specialised manner creating a false stone appearance. This is all completed by hand tools and grinding tools, finishing it off with some light staining and colour tinting.

Is Covacrete suitable for indoor areas?
Although it is possible to resurface with Covacrete on indoor areas, it is more advisable to use Epoxy Flooring. We do not take on large Epoxy Flooring projects, but are well versed in semi and full flake installations, along with marbletone effects.

Do you repair the concrete before resurfacing?
Yes. Any non-structural cracking is repaired by grinding out the crack, then filling those cracks with resin based products. Typically, they do not return again, or at least, if they do return, it will only be a tiny hairline crack. If the concrete has structural cracking, or is falling apart, then typically we will price to remove either the section of concrete surrounding it, or the entire concrete slab before resurfacing. We do not do things by halves at Walker Concreting & Resurfacing, if your concrete is beyond repair, the only option is to remove it and start again.

Do I need to maintain my resurfaced concrete area?
Yes. Oh for christs sake yes! So many times I have driven back past projects that we have done in the past, only to see they haven’t been maintained and have begun to fade and look a bit dull. Every 12 months, your area will need a good clean, then waiting until the weather is clear and dry, re-seal with clear coat high grade acrylic sealer. Ask us where we get ours when we finish your project to find the best pricing.

Do you price match other contractors?
Absolutely not. You will not find a more professional outfit than us, and your quotation and pricing reflects that. We cannot match the pricing of another contractor who simply writes on the back of a card some rough details and a price. If you come to us with another quotation as detailed as ours, so we can make sure the other contractor is supplying the same quality materials and installation as us, then we are open to discussion on the pricing. We have been at this for many years now and are very skilled at what we do, if you are simply after the cheapest price, then please look elsewhere.

Do you have your terms and conditions listed on your website?
Yes. You may find them HERE.

Are they linked on your quotations?
Yes. The website URL is linked on all of our quotations.

Are you terms strict?
Yes. These are the terms of our service. Although you as the client, are the most important aspect of each project, we are the entity that is supplying the service and materials to you, and there is no point working hard and providing our expertise if we will be messed around with payments and other items.

What are your typical payment times?
We do not require a deposit to start work for you. I see this as irrelevant, as I like to provide my clients with progress before asking for any payments. Generally from there we will detail out in your quotation exactly when payment is expected. If you have a small project, most of the time we will complete the work before asking for final payment at the end. For medium sized projects, we will typically complete all the preparation works, then require 50% payment, only to return and complete your project, receiving the final 50% at the end. For larger projects, payment schedules are broken down into smaller sections of the project. There may be a payment due after machine works have been completed, boxing and steel work completed, and of course multiple concrete pours.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash is always an acceptable payment option, a cheque is not a problem as well. If you are transferring your payment through Bank Transfer, then all we ask is that you email us the remittance of the transfer.

Do you offer warranty of your work and materials?
Yes. We offer complete workmanship warranty. Anything that has been installed incorrectly and is causing the structural integrity of your concrete to be poured, then we will replace that section making it secure. We offer a secondary warranty of our materials. As we are not the manufacturer of the materials we use, if they fail, it then falls back on the supplying company of said materials. We will in these cases act as the middle man between yourself and the providing company, doing everything we can to fix the problem.