Quotation Particulars

  • The quotation you have received from Walker Concreting and Resurfacing has been itemised out with a brief description of the work involved, a list of Inclusions, along with a list of Exclusions.
  • Inclusions are everything that Walker Concreting and Resurfacing have allowed for included in the quoted price total at the bottom of the page.
  • Exclusions are items/services that may need to be included in your pricing at a later date, however, because it is not 100% sure these items/services will be needed, they have been left out of the pricing total at the bottom of the page.
  • If exclusions are required at a later date, the client is to pay for those services directly as charged by the sub-contracting entity.
  • If there is an item/service that is not written on the quotation anywhere and is deemed neccessary to complete your work, you as the client are to pay for that item/service directly to the suppying sub-contractor.These terms are linked on each quotation given out by Walker Concreting and Resurfacing.

Scheduled Project Time Frames

  • Walker Concreting and Resurfacing, upon approval of the quotation, will provide our clients with an estimated starting date, along with an estimated time frame of which we should have the work completed in.
  • Due to the nature of the industry, there are sometimes hold ups from other jobs beyond the control of Walker Concreting and Resurfacing. Our clients will be kept informed of any delays from other jobs, giving you a new estimated date that we will attend your project.
  • Weather is also something beyond everyone’s control, as you can imagine, a few rainy days can put us back sometimes up to a week due to wet ground and soft surfaces. Again, you will be informed of any delays from the weather.

Matching Existing Exposed Aggregate or Coloured Concrete

  • Walker Concreting takes no responsibility in matching existing exposed aggregate or coloured concrete with our new installation.
  • Even when our clients know the name of said colour or aggregate, plus also who supplied it, given the nature of natural products and separation in time of installation, it is considered normal for the new not to match the old.

Colour Choices for Resurfacing, Coloured Concrete and Exposed Aggregate

  • Walker Concreting takes no responsibility for choices in colour concrete, colours for decorative resurfacing and colours of exposed aggregate stone.
  • Even though our clients may ask our opinions on colour choices, the final decision on colour is your choice and final.
  • Colours on charts being viewed from you computer or a pamphlet of anything else, will vary sometimes from the actual colour due to natural products being used.

Concrete Cracks

  • Concrete shrinkage cracks that occur as spiderweb cracks during a concrete pour from time to time cannot be helped. If this occurs, Walker Concreting typically applies alcohol fluid to the surface then continues to work the surface as best as possible to close these cracks up. If they re-surface, they are only tiny little hairline cracks and considered structurally sound for a concrete installation. This cracking however is considered uncommon maybe occuring once or twice a year.
  • Tension cracking that is structurally being held together by our crack control measures are also considered more bad luck. Tension cracking occurs not due to the concrete, but from the ground underneath the concrete moving. A lot of the time there is no way to predict the amount of movement underneath the concrete. If these cracks are being held together correctly by the steel reinforcing, they will not be repaired by Walker Concreting.
  • Tension cracking that occurs that is not structurally sound, by means of the steel reinforcing not doing its job correctly and the crack pulling apart further than they should, then this section will be repaired by Walker Concreting as our crack control measures in that particular section has failed. Structural tension cracking is also considered very abnormal as we take all care and attention to install our steel reinforcing correctly. I can only remember 1 or 2 occasions over the last decade that we have had to remove and replace a section of concrete for this reason.

Crack Repairing for Decorative Resurfacing

  • It will be discussed with our clients for decorative resurfacing projects with what course of action needs to be taken with crack repair prior to resurfacing.
  • If your cracks are not being held together correctly by the steel within the concrete, then it is typically advised that that section of concrete be removed and replaced.
  • If your cracks are being held together by the steel and do not look structural, then a course of crack repair can be applied with a good degree of success.
  • Clients need to understand that “repairing” cracking is not a fool proof exercise, more a “patching” exercise. If we repair cracking, then afterwards the concrete itself is again allow to move on the ground it is installed on, there is a good chance the crack will re-appear again.
  • With repairing of cracks, there is no guarantee the crack will not re-appear again, however, most of the time our repairs are successful with the crack not coming back again, at worst case, a small hairline crack will appear again.
  • This hairline crack will not affect the integrity of the decorative resurfacing products that have been applied.


Concrete Warranty

  • Warranties are extended for all concreting works for faulty workmanship in application of the preparation and placement of your new concrete.
  • In regards to cracking, a repair warranty is extended if the steel reinforcing is not completing it’s purpose successfully. If the steel is holding the crack together, which is what it’s intended to do, the concrete is considered structurally sound and not in need to repair. If the crack is pulling apart due to the steel not working correctly, then the area in question is to be removed and replaced correcting the problem. This does not mean the entire job needs replacing, only the problematic area in question.
  • All other faulty workmanship is covered by our workmanship warranty, for example falls not working correctly etc.
  • Warranty period of concrete extends for 12 months.

Resurfacing Warranty

  • No repairing of cracking prior to resurfacing is covered by our warranty. This is a “do our best” situation, but since we are not in control of the movement of the concrete underneath, nor the quality of the concrete itself, cracks that re-open after repair are not covered.
  • Warranty is extended for areas that do not bond correctly. This is relatively rare, but in some circumstances there are areas the just don’t work correctly. This requires a simple fix which is covered at no cost to the client.
  • We do not cover bad choices in colour by the client. The samples of colours provided are strictly that and may not be exactly as they appear in the real world application. Our clients confirm their colours with us prior to commencing work, and that decision is final.
  • Warranty for Concrete Resurfacing extends 6 months past completion date.


  • Walker Concreting and Resurfacing will detail out a payment schedule on your quotation. This schedule may vary from project to project depending on how much is involved, along with the total outlay per project.
  • Typically, we require a scheduled process payments for the following completions of certain stages.
  • Completion of earthworks and demolition of new concrete
  • Completion of full preparation ready for pouring of new concrete
  • Completion of concrete pour for new concrete
  • Completion of repair works and stabalising for decorative resurfacing
  • Completion of base coatings and levelling for decorative resurfacing
  • Completion of final installation of your decorative resurfacing
  • We do not require a deposit in most circumstances to start work

Amounts for each scheduled payment will vary on a job to job basis.

Accepted payment forms are

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer w/Remittance


  • It is assumed once you have approved a quotation by Walker Concreting and Resurfacing, that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon.
  • These terms are linked on each quotation given out by Walker Concreting and Resurfacing.