Driveway Resurfacing Monterey Keys

Concrete Resurfacing

Project Description

Location: Monterey Keys
Project Size: 120sqm

We began this driveway project with an existing tiled driveway would have been fantastic when it was laid, but over time and use had began to crack the tiles and lift them off. Initially we took to the tiles with a jackhammer with a dingo bobcat to back us up, helping lift the tiles and place them on the truck for removal. Following this a complete floor grind was completed removing approximately 120kg of tile glue and bad surface preparing us for the new surface to be applied. Our client and I decided to go with a custom look using sharp angled triangles over large areas with multiple colours contrasting very well against each other and matching the existing colours of the home. A couple of flecks and 2 coats of sealer finished off this project for a massive improvement on the tiles that were originally there.

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