Colour Driveway & Surrounds Mount Nathan

Colour Concrete Mount Nathan

Project Description

Location: Mount Nathan
Project Size: 170sqm

We quoted this project over a year ago now as a rough estimate, then returning once it was nearing completion to finalise the pricing and details to go into it. Not much changed from the original quotation, just needing to add a pump to the cost to get all the concrete placed.

We began as always with the removal of the concrete curbing, followed by a full sub-grade of the areas for the new concrete to be placed. All the formwork was installed, followed by the steel reinforcing which was tied and chaired into the concrete, we were ready for some new concrete throughout.

The colour our clients chose was CCS Water Buffalo, which at first comes out a pretty strong brown tone, but once curing takes place over the next few days and the water dissapears from the concrete, the colour will tone back nicely to match the rest of the colours on this new house.

With the driveway being finished with trowel machine and the paths and rear alfresco hand finished, we had an early mark today being knocked off by 11am all stripped and ready to move onto the next one.

Thank you to our clients for not only getting us to price the work over a year ago, but making sure we were the contractor they called back to complete the work. Sometimes, getting an early price like that, some clients use that pricing to get a cheaper price somewhere else. It’s good to see people knowing the quality contractor they wish to use and sticking by their choice.

As always, your work was very appreciated and all the best with the finishing off of your lovely new home.

Colour Concrete Mount Nathan
Colour Concrete Mount Nathan
Colour Concrete Mount Nathan
Colour Concrete Mount Nathan

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