Colour Concrete Driveway Gilston

Colour Concrete Gilston

Project Description

Location: Gilston
Project Size: 97sqm

Pricing this project up at the start of the house build, as typical, it took a few months before the time came around for us to start the work. Surprisingly enough though, the builders hand over date was spot on the money (highly unusual), so if anyone needs a recommendation, just let me know and I’ll pass on the details.

If you read my last update into the project archive, I ran off on a little tangent in regards to the new NBN that is going in everywhere and this project was no different. Facing a rather steep section from top of road into the garage, the client also had the NBN that had been installed, directly in the middle of where the driveway needed to go.

After chatting with NBN, it was then decided that we would work around it as their $3000 fee for moving it was out of reach for the client. What made this even more entertaining, was that it has been installed at the incorrect height for our council xOVer specifications, so after some lengthy conversations on the phone, it turns out NBN is going to have to return and lower the pit anyways (out of their own pockets at least).

We began the first day here just with the usual sub-grading and removing the concrete curbing, along with some boxing up of the first section. Lately, we have been breaking our colours pours down more into smaller sections, I do give the reason that we are making it look the best we can, but I fear we may also be getting a bit old and soft these days towards larger pours.

Coming back the second day, we installed the rear patio section along with the front door entry section (with falls to a pit drain). We also set in place the new box drain for in front of the garage all ready for new concrete the following day.

Having a pretty steep hill with multiple run offs to both drains, we decided the next day we would break that pour down as well, allowing ourselves enough space and time to get back for our control joints and proper finishing.

Having a days break then due to a rain day, we then return the following Monday to finish off the front of the xOver section and leave out client with a brand new, “Shadow” coloured driveway that will be all ready for sealing in a few weeks times.

Our client for this project was a tradesman himself, and it’s always a pleasure working with / for people with a good head on their shoulders as well. Very easy to deal with, recognised our quality of work, and helped make the whole setup a much easier experience than it can be sometimes working in such a difficult part of the industry.

For now I’m back doing some spraying for the rest of the week along with putting some exposed down on Friday if time permits.

Colour Concrete Gilston
Colour Concrete Gilston
Colour Concrete Gilston
Colour Concrete Gilston

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