Decorative Resurfacing Coomera

Concrete Resurfacing Coomera

Project Description

Location: Coomera
Project Size: 35sqm

About 3 months ago now we were originally around at our clients house extending his patio area out the back to better make use of the room they have. The original concrete patio was quite small with a small pathway as well, utilising some garden areas, which of course would have looked quite fine, but a good train of thought here is always making the most of the room you have.

So a few month down the track after installing the new concrete, we returned to resurfacing the concrete patio and side pathway in our custom, modern styled finish.

As always, a solid acid wash was completed first, then allowing the concrete 24hrs to dry out thoroughly. Returning the next day, I applied two modified base coatings over the exposed aggregate concrete and a single, standard base coating over the plain grey I had poured earlier. After a bit of work on the grinder with the control joints, along with hand rubbing out the lumps, we had our canvass to work on the following day.

We decided to stick with the standard base colouring for the taped lines (white), from there we applied two spray coatings of Blue Mountain. After those two coatings had dried, we returned with our custom cut swirls and began working on each individual triangle area with Natural colouring making some nice swirls, corner patches and blocked out wholes.

Finishing up with a Natural fleck, we tore up all the taped lines revealing a lovely piece of work, then topped it all off with two coats of high grade acrylic sealer.

I love doing this finish for our decorative resurfacing, it’s a full custom design that relies more so on our perception of how it should work, rather than a dictated course of action. It’s always nice to be able to have to think about every aspect of the job at hand, put everything into it, then stand back at the end and admire what you have achieved.

Thank you as always to our clients, we’re very glad you love your project and thank you for not only the work, but also the morning coffee’s to get us going in the middle of Winter.

See you next for the Epoxy Garage.

Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera

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