Exposed Driveway Pimpama

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pimpama

Project Description

Location: Pimpama
Project Size: 54sqm

As is always the trend around the middle of the year, another smaller project to complete out at a new building site. It’s funny how Tax time always seems to be slow, at least it’s easy to read each year I suppose…good holidays time as well.

Our clients for this project have moved up from Tasmania and are thoroughly enjoying our Gold Coast Winter, as opposed to what they are accustomed too. We price our clients up a few months back as their new house was starting to be built, then of course once hand over was finished, we were away.

Nothing out of the ordinary on this one, which in a way, was kind of nice considering it was a nice flat area to work on with good access all around, something we’re not used to at all. After an hour or so with the machine, the curbing was removed, sub-grade complete and we boxed up and steeled all ready for a pour.

The Aggregate chosen by our clients was called Ghost, which is an all white stone from their new supplier, which isn’t of the crushed variety, but more white river stone, which in our opinion comes up a lot better, and more natural than the crush.

We poured this one a little later on a Friday which we usually dont do, but having time restraints, we had to do what we had to do. All finished up with a few beers by around 330pm, ready for a relaxed weekend ahead.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pimpama
Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pimpama
Exposed Aggregate Driveway Pimpama

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