Entertaining & Access Area Hope Island

Concrete Entertaining Hope Island

Project Description

Location: Hope Island
Project Size: 42sqm

Well, didn’t this one turn out to be a shit fight.

Originally we were recommended to our client here from one of our suppliers, so of course we turned up quickly to price the work and was given the go ahead not long after.

We priced the project at first for just being the spa slab, measuring only about 29sqm. Because it was a pump access project and most of the preparation works were complete, I decided just to go in by myself and get this one completed.

In the week leading up to the start date, our client asked if it was ok to do another 13sqm for an entrance way to the house, which of course was certainly not a problem, however, due to my miscalculating (and a few ordering stuff ups), it became nearly the bridge too far.

So Monday comes along and I’m onsite at 630am all ready for a days work. It took around 4 hours to get everything formed up and braced, then of course all our steel work installed and chaired ready for concrete.

Upon confirming our concrete pump, my guy said that he is running very late and that he’s sending another contractor to get the mud in for me, which of course is no problem either, so I then rang concrete and confirmed that as well, finally to sit back and wait for everything to turn up.

Originally, I ordered 32MPA concrete with a dose of medium accellerator in the mix, given that I was pouring late in the day and didn’t want to be there for dinner that night. I then changed my order on the day due to the extra concrete going in, to a more reasonable 32MPA mix with no accellerant but leaving out the retarder.

Concrete pump all set up and concrete arrives and there’s been a mis-communication and my concrete has been mixed at 32MPA, no retarder and a medium dose of accellerator….which of course is not very hospitable, especially considering I was required to put a decorative “non slip” finish on, with the stipple finish being used.

So for the next 3 hours I proceeded to chase my ass backwards and sideways screeding, floating, edging then out on the kick boards figure 8 finishing the entire surface….fairly sure I lose a few KG’s.

But in the end, everything was packed up for the day with all this work completed in a single day and now moving onto the next project which we started today (some more decorative resurfacing).

Thank you as always to our client, you were a pleasure doing business with.

Concrete Entertaining Hope Island
Concrete Entertaining Hope Island
Concrete Entertaining Hope Island
Concrete Entertaining Hope Island

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