Major Flooring Project Carrara Markets

Concrete Resurfacing Carrara

Project Description

Location: Carrara Markets
Project Size: 1200sqm

This is basically the final section that was to be completed at the Carrara Markets Entertaining Arena. We’ve been on this one right from the start, from placing the concrete flooring, getting the 18 cubic meter’s worth of bulk fill footings installed, now finally onto the final section of resurfacing all the concrete bringing it up to standard for some of the spectacular events they have planned for the future.

Originally, we had a 3 week time frame to complete this project. That was until when, another event popped up out of the blue, our timeline was brought forward to two weeks leaving me with plenty of swear words and expectations of long days ahead.

We began the resurfacing process with taking the floor grinder to three sections that were existing from years before and that were left there (supposedly to save a dollar). After grinding all these spots back removing any unwanted surface abnormalities, we then continued along with grinding out all the cracking and preparing the concrete for a good solid clean.

With approximately 300 litres of hydrochloric acid in hand, the entire surface was covered in a single day with the boys following up behind pressure washing and brooming as we went. This left out surface nice and bare and ready for our new products to adhere correctly.

Returning the next day, we repaired all the cracking that was cut out previously, along with floor levelling a couple of areas to bring the smoothness up to scratch. When finished and dried, we began base coating the areas that required it, keeping in mind not everything needed base coating as all the concrete I had poured previously, I had finished in preparation for it to be sprayed, so spraying straight down was all that was needed (after grinding and cleaning of course).

With a start on the Monday, these sections brought us up to Thursday, where we decided to get spraying and applying our top coats. Getting all the fiddly stuff out of the way first, we taped up all the columns and “cut in” to those section as you would with painting, so that once those bits were completed, we could basically just turn up each day and pump out some big numbers getting the remainder of the floor completed.

Friday was also spent the same way, and having all the “cutting in” completed, we took the weekend off due to the Markets trading, to then return on Monday for the real show.

With the thought process in mind that, the harder we work early on the days we’re fresh, the less we’ll have to do once we are getting tired towards the end of the week. We set up a routine with the two guys I had with me, one of the lads mixing the loads with the other carting, pouring and pulling my hose off me, of course then, with only myself to complete the remaining 1100sqm still to go.

Monday was a cracker, we fell a little short of what we were aiming for due to tiredness, only managing about 290sqm being sprayed. Backing that big day up on Tuesday with a whopping 360sqm and some tired lads ready for a good sleep. Keeping in mind sealer is also being applied each day, some solid 10 hour + getting in front of the work load.

Wednesday rocks around, and we’re looking down the barrel of only about 450sqm remaining, splitting it in half with Thursday for 225sqm each day. Our plan of putting in big days for the first two have now paid off, and both Wednesday and Thursday saw us starting to spray at 700am after setting up, then walking out of there all sealed by about 1100am.

With everything sprayed, we then returned on the Friday for the final coat of sealer, a few photos and a couple of beers at the end of the day to wind down.

We’ve been working down with the Carrara Markets for many years now as they go through their upgrading process, bringing the Markets into the new era and doing a brilliant job while they’re at it.

Being a Gold Coast born and bred, I grew up going to the markets on weekends as a kid, then finishing up our drinking binges in the Bar there on Sunday mornings as a I got older, now to be a part of upgrading everything and making it beautiful again. I really look forward to see where they’ll be in the next 10 years with what they have planned.

Not to say it’s not an excellent place to spend your weekends now, pop down when you get a chance and check out everything that’s going on, there’s also some awesome shows being planned for the Entertaining Arena. We look forward to seeing you down there.

Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara

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