Structural Shed Base Labrador

Concrete Shed Base Labrador

Project Description

Location: Labrador
Project Size: 46sqm

Over at Labrador for this little project, I say little, but due to an over zealous engineer and mother nature throwing an oven at us, this turned into a little nightmare really.

Primarily the purpose of this build was to be a shed slab, however, our clients stump home is also being extended towards the shed, so this base was to serve a double purpose, acting as a foundation for the adjoining building to come.

Given this, the Engineer did was Engineer’s do and gave us plans for 450mm x 400mm perimeter footings, full R11-3 Bar cages, N12 starters connecting to SL82 reinforcing mesh on top, followed by 115mm of 32MPA concrete throughout.

Now this as well, was nothing that can’t be handled, very simple setup really that we’ve completed 100’s of times throughout our work history. But during the dig out, as the old Labrador ground opened up, we started to run into stump after stump that needed to be hand dug and chain sawed out to make way for the foundation. After the hard slog of this, getting all this steel around and tied down was the next little victory, completing all this in what seemed like 40.deg heat really had our asses hanging out.

Coming back the soon after to pour this slab, the earliest we could organise both concrete and pump was a 10am pour, which for us is very out of the ordinary, usually choosing to be heading home around this time.

Mother Nature didn’t miss us again either, sweltering us with another 40+.deg day, which coupled with using Hytec Concrete at 32MPA, made this 12m.cub a little tough to chase and get a nice finish on.

But in the end, all went in well, looks a treat and finished off nicely, even if we could only broom the awning out the front instead of stippling.

Thanks to our client, this is the second time out on this site, hopefully to return soon for some more pathways after the extension gets completed.

Onto the next project now, dealing with the rain but at least it’s not as hot as it’s been.

Concrete Shed Base Labrador
Concrete Shed Base Labrador
Concrete Shed Base Labrador
Concrete Shed Base Labrador

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