Decorative Resurfacing Tugun

Concrete Resurfacing Tugun

Project Description

Location: Tugun
Project Size: 84sqm

It’s always nice to be recommended to a client, it creates a level of trust from both parties that leads to some really creative work sometimes. In this instance, we were recommended by the head honcho of our supply company for resurfacing products, quite the feather in my cap….if I may say so myself.

Our client provided pretty much all the details I needed to price his work through email, not that a site inspection was avoided, by good communication makes things so easy sometimes.

With the price approved I attended site a few weeks later to begin the cleaning and repairing section of the work, to return another day to start the new surfacing.

Our client in this instance gave me a general direction for the outcome they were wanting to achieve, but gave me somewhat leeway for the specific colours and design of the job.

Looking at the house we had to work with, everything about it screamed elegance. There are no dead straight lines in the architectural design, curved windows and blue / grey colour design throughout, quite a pretty home to be honest.

I decided to use the colours Blue Mountain and Natural as they blended / matched the house colours extremely well. I decided Blue Mountain was to be the main colour because it would contrast against the walls, as opposed to using Natural which would have melted the design into the walls leaving nothing really to stand out as special.

Given the architectural design and curved windows, I also went with a smaller 8mm tape for our tile lines throughout, trying to not have a bold tile design standing out too much, but making sure there were enough lines to show through the Natural colour that we used on the base coat.

I outlined top and bottom all the steps, leaving the faces of the steps without an actual tile as I think it would have made it look too busy, then proceeding to tape the entire area with an 800mm tile pattern squaring off the house initially, then curving the tile pattern around differentiating the stairs from the main floor.

Maybe you have noticed already from one of the pictures, but I also curved the bottom step patterning so as you walk down and are looking at it, you can also notice that it matches the architectural curved windows on the house. Maybe a little credit goes to one of my workers here for this idea, but I’m fully taking the credit 🙂

After the taping and spraying was complete, I decided to finish off with more subtle flecking. Typically, my style is going one colour below and one colour higher, for sake of conversation, maybe a graphite and white to go over this. But in this situation, given the more elegant nature of the house, I went with firstly flecking in the Natural colour the same as the grout lines, keeping the fleck relatively light so it didn’t drown anything out, then switching over to a larger nozzle to complete a white fleck with much heavier splotches to break things up.

As usual a full acrylic seal to finish things off, maybe a few too many beers for a Tuesday, followed with some lovely conversation with out clients.

As always, a massive thank you to our clients here, along with our materials supplier for having the confidence to recommend us, it is and was a pleasure doing business with you both.

We completed another great driveway revamp this week as well, catching up after the rain, but I’ll get onto the report for that another time.

Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun

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