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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Our first and most popular option, known by a number of names from varying companies, Spray on Concrete Resurfacing is the process of applying a new surface to your existing concrete by trowel and air compressor.

This is a cement product heavily modified to bond thoroughly to your existing concrete surface, along with having pretty colours and designs to spice up your areas.

Typically a product primarily used outdoors, you may choose this option for tired, old concrete that is in need of refreshing, or you may be trying to get a few different areas of concrete to all match together, or you may choose this approach for your new concrete driveway so you can do something a little custom and stand out from the crowd.

Our second approach to decorative concrete resurfacing is Epoxy Flooring systems. This is more of an “indoor” product most suitable to garage floors, commercial kitchens and other in-house environments.

Although the physical application differs from Covercrete Resurfacing, the results can be outstanding! From mild to wild, Epoxy Flooring is extremely versatile for any indoor area.

Both finishes have a great life span if looked after correctly and will keep you concrete areas looking new and shiny for many years to come.

Following are a few samples of different design options that you may find you like, but don’t be afraid to search Google for different ideas, remembering, if you can think it, we can most likely apply it to your concrete.

Tile or Diamond Patterning

This would be the most popular approach to most projects that we encounter. It’s basically a “can’t go wrong” mentality to the design.

We begin obviously getting a proper square from the existing house, or 45deg if going for a Diamond, then basically just spacing out each individual line to the size required by our clients. You’ll also notice on this example shown we applied a bulk border to the outside just to break things up a bit more with a different colour.

Always remember as well, the smaller the tiles / diamonds, the smaller the area will look as a whole as it appears more “busy”. Great idea to keep the patterns bigger to keep the areas looking more expansive.

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

Custom Patterning

For something a little less “formal” than tiles or diamonds, why not have us install custom triangles and other unique shapes.

This taping is completely done by eye on the day and is basically an expression of the installers artistic approach.

You’ll notice with the picture example, the first being a simple custom taped design, whilst the second has added to that taped design by applying custom decorative swirling and patching throughout, but we’ll speak more on this custom finish in a bit.

custom taping

Offset Tiles

Offset tiles is a more intricate approach to a contemporary tiled approach.

Each line is taped in both directions, so for instance, if your tiles are needed to be 800mm long by 400mm wide, the area is taped every 800mm in one direction, then every 400mm in the other direction.

From there, each second section of taping between tiles is removed by stanley blade, leaving the design as shown in the picture provided.

Obviously the time consumption for taping this design is more than a standard tile pattern, so the pricing does increase a bit, but the visual appeal is well worth the reasonable extra cost.

Concrete Resurfacing Tallai

Decorative Borders & Insets

A lot of the time, less can be more when making improvements to large areas, of course depending entirely on your personal outlook.

A great way to add just a little something to an area without going overboard, is a simple border on your new concrete surface.

This can be a bulk colour border, or we can add tiled taping for a busier look, we can also step up a bit from there and continue the borders as an “inset” into the main concrete surface along control joint lines.

Again, what we can do is only limited to imagination most of the time, and I absolutely love getting creative, it keeps my little crazy man in my head working overtime and enjoying what I do, so hit me with a challenge.

decorative borders

Custom Centre Pieces

If you’ve got a large area and are not fond of a tile like approach, there are other ways to break up the bordom of singular colours.

Apart from the standard flecking that is applied to pretty much all our work, you can break up large areas with custom centre pieces.

Whether its a simple taped in triangle like the one shown here, or an intricate compass design with different colours outlining each aspect of the piece, there are many options to choose from, and of course YES, let your imagination run wild.

custom center piece

Full Custom Designs

Got a little bit of a wild streak in you? Like to think outside the box a little with a bit of wow factor thrown in?


Then you’re right up my alley of spectacular street and we need to talk more in depth, in person, about what we can provide and about bringing your vision to life.

Just a small sample of custom works shown in the picture provided, each and every custom design we provide is unique to both our clients desires and the vision of the applicator. No two pieces are the same, and no other contractor will replicate because we all have our own styles.

full custom resurfacing

Epoxy Flooring

Last but not least is of course our Epoxy Flooring options.

This resurfacing approach is much more suited to indoor uses, ranging from single colour designs for commercial environments, to full flake finishes for garage floors and finally complete custom, metallic finishes for that WOW factor.

Epoxy is a great, long lasting product that is applied through a series or trowel, squigy and rollers. Not only is epoxy great to look at, but it is a breeze to clean and keep stains away from the surface.

epoxy flooring

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