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concrete canvass gold coast

Project Description

Location: Gold Coast
Project Size: 155sqm

Since the start of the new year, I must admit I’ve been struggling a little bit. Being inflicted with only what I can call ADHD, if I can’t keep my mind completely devoted to something, little demon’s pull me in a million different directions as far away from that thing as they can get me.

So my challenge throughout life, has always been to keep those little demons hidden by constantly challenging myself. Now with concrete, I’ve been getting bored. I think to be honest, I’ve reached a level with my concreting where it just basically isn’t a challenge anymore. I’ve started moving the business a little away from concreting as a primary source of work, and concentrating more of my advertising and marketing towards true decorative resolutions to clients problems.

Over the past few weeks, we have installed concrete at two separate properties, which to my little demon’s discomfort, have been basic, plain grey installations, keeping the boredom levels at an all time high….however….the knowledge that both of these concrete installations are only a “canvas” if you will for our new decorative resurfacing, has really given my a little more vigor to endure the tediousness of their installations.

Our first property up at Ormeau, is a new house build where to be honest, we won’t be doing anything total fancy at all, just a simple finish with bulk coloured border with a different main colour, off set by multiple flecking, but having the “canvas” mindset, allow all the multiple drainage point installations, mistakes by plumbers that needed correcting, general blood sweat and tears during the installation seem all a little worth while.

Our second project on the other hand, is a little more complex.

Down at Benowa, our client has been in the process of doing a complete revamp to the pool area, patios and side access areas, along with the main driveway which has been well damaged throughout construction.

This week we commenced our section of this project by excavating the majority of bad concrete areas, removing the old retaining walls and prepping the areas for new concrete. Now the trick with all this, is leaving certain sections of the existing concrete, bonding them together with the new concrete areas so not only does everything look flat and even throughout, but also drains water correctly not leaving any bird baths if you will.

After excavation, installation of the drainage was completed, deciding upon a single center drain for the area in a box format running back to existing storm water connections.

We then poured the base of concrete with all falls towards the new drainage point, keeping levels even throughout all outside permiters.

Next week on this project, we will return complete a 400mm semi retaining wall / upstand adjoining the pool, along with a new set of stairs leading up to the pool.

From there, we have some demolition of concrete at the front of the property, followed by replacement, then resurfacing of the entire rear and front of the property finishing everything off nice and evenly throughout.

There’s quite a few projects on the go at the moment, with many over lapping each other.

Thank you to our clients for your understanding on delays, the new wind of enthusiasm for my business direction has seen an elevation in quantity of business, I’m doing my best to supply top service to all of you.

concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast

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