Decorative Concrete Entrance

Colour Concrete Robina

Project Description

Location: Clear Island Waters
Project Size: 17sqm

Our VERY patient client on this project was recommended to me by a work mate who said that if you need a fancy decorative finish, we are the guys to call! Always brilliant being recommended, we work hard for our reputation.

This one here is one of the smaller projects that we do, and to be honest, if it was a cold call, considering how busy we are at the moment, I probably would have passed the job onto another contractor. But on recommendation, even though our client had to wait over 6 weeks, I found some time in our schedule to complete the work.

Our client here is basically separating the home into two sections for bed and board purposes, so a new entrance way has been installed. Existing was also a lovely wet stencil job that had been completed many years ago, and is still today holding the true test of time, big thumbs up to the initial contractor.

However, there have been a couple of attempts at adding extensions at the rear of the property, which have both failed to hold colour and consistency. This is no fault of the other contractors installing, rather, today’s concrete just ain’t what it used to be, this is the reason we don’t use throw on colour anymore, because it just doesn’t hold together on the surface and soon wears through to plain grey concrete.

We talked with out client here about installing colour through concrete, separating this entrance from the other concrete deliberately to identify pathway from entrance. We also decided on a stipple finish, tooled concrete joints and highlighting the edges and joints along the way.

With everything dug out, we completely this one in a single day, chaired mesh throughout, starter dowels at entrance points and able flex against the wall.

Even though this is only a little one, these ones are still sweet when we get to play around with the finish and show our true skills as finishers.

We will return next week to seal the concrete surface, then at a later date to complete some more concreting up the side of the property.

Colour Concrete Robina
Colour Concrete Robina
Colour Concrete Robina
Colour Concrete Robina

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