Driveway Package Ormeau

decorative resurfacing ormeau

Project Description

Location: Ormeau
Project Size: 75sqm

This is a project we just completed that began through a standard quotation for site unseen before the house had started to be built. Once things got underway with the house, we sat down with out clients to finalise pricing and design options, then from there played the waiting game until the house was finished and we could start work.

Once start time came around, our clients needed to add onto the concrete section as the side of the house with the retaining wall was a water hazard and needed a hard surface and drainage to take care of it. A plumber was called in to install the drainage, then we returned to commence our works.

The driveway and side path installation I have already put a report up about, and it being a pretty standard install I won’t go into anymore detail here about it.

After the concrete was poured though, our patient clients waited for a break in our work load to return and finish off the decorative spray surface.

Upon returning a solid acid clean and pressure wash was given to the concrete to remove any unwanted properties, along with etching getting ready for the new coatings.

We decided on this one to keep things relatively simple, just using the colours of the house and combining it with an external border and some flecking to break things up in the middle, then of course a full acrylic sealing at the end.

I really personally like this design, it’s a very simple approach but very effective to bring out the best of your house frontage.

Thanks to our clients for their work, all the best with the rest of the moving in!

decorative resurfacing ormeau
decorative resurfacing ormeau
decorative resurfacing ormeau
decorative resurfacing ormeau

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