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Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

Food for Thought - Spray on Resurfacing - Custom Designs

Welcome to my passion. I started out concreting many years ago, but when I came across concrete resurfacing, both in Spray On and Epoxy forms, I knew this was where my direction and focus needed to be.

I find myself always striving for perfection, whether it be mimicking sandstone appearance, or putting onto the concrete canvas my modern take on these designs, portraying my design view for my peers and customers to view and appreciate (hopefully).

This can be a stressful technique to apply, as every aspect is custom and hand completed, along with being muchly time consuming to install, and the designs themselves may not be up everyone’s alley.

Some love it, some don’t like it…but most people I come across at least have a respect for stepping outside the box and pushing the industry in new directions.

Here are some examples of some of the designs I have completed. All of these designs have been evaluated on a job to job basis, not only just going for a specific technique, but working with the colours and areas to get the whole “idea” to work.

These of course is delving into the more expensive range, you are not just hiring an installer for your concrete resurfacing, you are hiring an artistic view of that particular installer.

Shop around, find the installer’s work you like the most. You will be getting something completely unique that no-one else has.

Full Sandstone

Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

Minor Sandstone

Minor Sandstone

Heavy Contrast Modern

custom concrete resurfacing oxenford

Beach Pathways

Concrete Resurfacing Ashmore

Blended Surroundings

concrete resurfacing ashmore


Driveway Resurfacing Monterey Keys

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