Spray On – Standard Design

Concrete Resurfacing Nerang

Food for Thought - Spray on Resurfacing - Standard Designs

Standard spray on resurfacing designs are exactly that. Not requiring too much forethought, more a relatively strict routine to follow, ensuring all areas are installed, whilst cleaning up the general area as a whole.

I call these designs standard for two reasons. Firstly, they are relatively common designs, majority of people want to stick with the the tried and true theory for area rejuvenation, and these designs have proven the test of time to work again and again.

The second reason, is typically, from an installers perspective, they’re basic. Nothing to really think about here, just make sure standards are maintained with installation and you can’t really go wrong.

However, there is a rather “elegance in simplicity” as I like to call it, where sometimes the most basic designs are what truly allows everything else around it to shine more.

These designs are of course on the cheaper end of the price scaling. Not because they quality is any less in workmanship, but you’ll start to understand why when you see some of the custom works we provide our clients.

The following examples of taped designs, borders and center pieces all fall under my “standard” design approach and pricing. Don’t forget to mix up colours and flecking options to suit your home.

Diamond Tiles

Backyard Transformation Benowa

Coloured Borders

Smashed Avocado Ormeau

Simple Center Piece

Concrete Resurfacing Gilston

Border & Single Colour

Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines

Regular Tiles

Concrete Resurfacing Tugun

Off Set Tiling

Concrete Resurfacing Tallai

Diamond w/ Darker Taped Lines

Concrete Refurbishment Arundel

Random Triangle Single Colour

Concrete Resurfacing Helensvale

Tiles w/ Offset Border

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

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