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custom concrete

Our grass roots, where it all began, is of course in concreting. Over 20 years ago I began in the industry, and in that time, there isn’t much I’ve put my hands onto to try and master. From basic paths and shed slabs, to intricate contrasting applications of exposed and stamped in full custom designs, it’s fair to say, there isn’t much I can’t handle.

I won’t go into too much detail for standard works in this section, as nearly everyone knows what they are. Plain grey, exposed aggregate, coloured…..if you’re after something standard, there’s no need to talk anymore, expect it to be completed to the highest standard.

But where I really like to delve into, goes hand in hand with my other decorative applications I provide for resurfacing options. I love mixing things up. I’ve never been scared to take a risk. Instead of a single colour throughout, lets do different coloured sections. Let break that exposed driveway up with different coloured stone inserts for something a little different. Lets border that exposed driveway with an intricate stamped design border or pathway leading off from it.

Basically, I love different. Different keeps my brain involved and keeps me striving to set new standards within the industry.

Here’s a couple of pics of what can be achieved by thinking outside the box. Give me a call today to have a chat about your new concrete installation, and instead of of just getting an exposed driveway completed, lets get a custom exposed driveway completed that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Contrasting Exposed Aggregates

custom concrete

Colour Concrete w/ Stamped

custom concrete

Stone Tile Border w/ Exposed

custom concrete

Exposed Aggregate w/ Stamped

custom concrete

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