Staining – Custom Recolouring

Custom Staining

Food for Thought - Tinting & Staining - Rejuvenating Old Concrete

With these process’s we are delving, for the most part, into rejuvenating old concrete surfaces, to look new again. These can also be completed as package deals for new areas, which would include concrete installation then resurfacing as per requirements, but as said, we mostly delve into tinting and staining to revamp old areas.

All work completed with this process is a custom design of colour combinations and textures, as it is all hand completed by myself, to fit in and work with it’s surrounding areas, making that tired old concrete look fresh and new again.

Tinting as a Full Depth Colour Over

The most basic form of re-colouring concrete that I provide is a process called “tinting”. This is quite simply a full colour epoxy tint, mixed through our full acrylic sealer, then applied to a fresh, cleaned surface. This most basic form, quite simply colours the entire surface a single colour throughout. If you think of painting a surface, then you get the basic idea of this application, however, separating itself from paint, this product penetrates the concrete surface and does not chip off or peel like painting would. Depending on the existing condition of the concrete we are working with, this can also be completed in a “semi tint” process, that is a little less full depth colour, allowing existing tones to still show through.

tint stamp revamp tugan

Staining to Revamp the Stamp

Staining to revamp your old stamped concrete is a great way to bring back multiple colour combinations that you had when you stamped concrete was brand new. When we are dealing with an existing stamped surface for example, that already has it’s existing colours, as well as areas of no colour at all from wear and tear, this is when this process truly shines. Being able to combine lightly 2-3 different colours, to work alongside the existing colours, really allows us to come up with some truly unique and custom installations that leaves that concrete really shining and looking like it belongs in an art gallery.

Multi Tone Stain Stamped Tallai

Custom Resurface & Staining

This is where we separate the men from the boys. This process can be supplied in a brand new package installation, or simply by resurfacing your existing concrete area. First off, we apply our heavily modified resurfacing products over your floor, creating a completely new design for the area. Whether the design is mimicking a stone surface, a rough textured trowel, or a completely smooth surface to later hand cut separation areas into, everything is custom completed to suit your needs. From there, we apply our custom stain combinations to the surface to fit in with with the existing area, and finish off with a full sealing process that leaves a completely unique, custom design that is truly a once off that no one else in the world will have.

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Custom Staining

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