Revamp Your Stamp

revamp stamp

Miles and miles of stamped concrete on the Gold Coast. A highly popular finish throughout the 80’s and 90’s that fell away after that because, bluntly, no body EVER looks after their decorative concrete finishes properly!

Because all this stamped was placed, then never re-sealed throughout it’s life time, the process of erosion removes the colour, starts to delaminate the finish and basically makes everything go to shit.

There’s a few options that we have to revamp your stamp, with the most common (and cheapest), being a tint sealing. I’ve discussed this option in another article, but basically, it’s an epoxy colour tint that is added to the high grade acrylic sealer and basically “painted” onto the surface, allowing the sealer to penetrate and giving a “painted appearance” to the surface. Although this finish is fine, and often the only option available, there is a better option….an option that brings stamped back to it’s former glory, but, requires a skilled applicator to get it right.

It’s a custom stain process that requires mixing and blending of base line stain colours to allow the new colours to work with any existing dual colours that are still on the surface of the old stamped concrete. After this process is complete, the colours are applied in a custom fashion, blending as we go to create a unique, multi tone appearance that not only brings the stamp back to its original flavour, but if I can say so myself, looks like a brand new custom design.

I’ll just leave two before and after pictures to give you an idea of what we can create. That old stamped is never dead, it just needs some TLC by someone who know’s what they’re doing.

revamp stamp
revamp stamp

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