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pad footings canungra army base

Project Description

Location: Canungra
Project Size: Pad Footings x2

This week has been an ass. I’ve had to put back two resurfacing projects and delay them because of the rain, which in turn, means I also need to delay the projects that are starting next week….and further down the rabbit hole we go with each day lost. But we were able to salvage some face at the end of this week with a great little project out at the Kokoda Military Barracks at Canungra where we were doing our part to install commemoration signage for our fallen countrymen during the Vietnam war.

Now, I’m a bit of a history buff, taking special interest in Military History throughout the ages, so just being at this lovely memorial section of the base, being able to go through and pay respects to the men and women who gave everything for our country, was really something special.

Our clients for this project are installing commemorative display signs at the entry to the Australian Army Training Force Vietnam area. This signage is being completed by and will eventually consist of them adding to our base that we put down with a full marble starting piece, followed by a sandstone main frontage with bronze (I believe) wording to add further to an area that is already filled with lovely things to remember our fallen soldiers by.

Our job was relatively straight forward on this project. Each pad footing only being 3.0m x 1.0m, with a 2.4m x 0.5m upstand plinth that the main signage will sit upon. We spend around 3-4 hours getting the ground dug out, having to level the areas first before finally digging out footing piers on both ends.

From there, 12mm deformed rebar was tied together at 250mm centers throughout, creating a full cage setup within both the bottom section of the pad footing and also the upstand plinth at the top. Being a pad footing for a rather heavy weight to go down on, we didn’t stuff around with the concrete, instead choosing to pour 32MPA concrete at around 60 slump (very dry), to make sure there were no intollerances in the structural strength that was placed.

This of course made it difficult to float correctly, leaving a few bar bones spots on the side of the plinth, but as our friends at Classical Stone will be leveling before placing the stone one, as well as using sandstone blocks to cover the faces, our work didn’t have to be overly neat and clean, just needed to be exact with measurements and as strong as we could make it. Which we excelled at.

A big thank you to our clients for this project….as always. We’re very happy to not only do your work, but to also have the opportunity to give something back to our fellow countrymen who gave it all for us.

pad footings canungra army base
pad footings canungra army base
pad footings canungra army base

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