A Man of the Sea

Sandy Beach Concrete Resurfacing Gaven

Project Description

Location: Gaven
Project Size: 70sqm

Having already completed work for our client here just before last Christmas, it was nice to return again to see the installation of his new pool area that he seemed so excited about in previous talks.

For his previous work, it was a new patio concrete resurfacing, which, given the adjoining colour schemes of the house, we needed to use colours that blended and match the existing design. However, this section was different. This section is designed to place close to his heart. Being an ex Navy man and currently roaming the high seas with our Australian Border Forces, the idea behind this pool area (at least seemed to me), to create an area where he most felt like home. The deep blue pool shell with flickering highlights, followed by the lush green grass areas (still to come), and finally onto our section of the work.

Our guideline here was to create….sand. A beach if you will, to co-exist with the deep blue pool and almost creating an island like appeal in the area. I decided to go with Ocean Sand as our main colour, this is by far the most natural colour we have and I use it for many applications, from custom sandstone, to paint matching and of course…sandy designs.

I followed this up with just the slightest flecking of Off White and Sandy Beige, not wanting any of these flecks to really stand out and contrast, but rather add to the natural appeal and give the appearance of a sandy beach.

I don’t know, but you ask me, it worked out perfectly.

Thanks again to our client, your business is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you again for the next project.

Sandy Beach Concrete Resurfacing Gaven
Sandy Beach Concrete Resurfacing Gaven
Sandy Beach Concrete Resurfacing Gaven
Sandy Beach Concrete Resurfacing Gaven

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