Stage 1 Renovations Helensvale

Concrete Parking Helensvale

Project Description

Location: Helensvale
Project Size: 40sqm (Stage 1)

This was the first section of refurbishment works at this Helensvale home which we will be bringing everything up to a more modern appeal than it currently is.

This section here is a bit of concrete we needed to pour firstly to fill an area that was only road base stones and was a bit of a water pool area when it rains.

So all new falls were accounted for and a side section also completed so a new water tank can be installed by others.

From here, we are planning to return in December to start resurfacing works to the main driveway and rear patio area, then returning after that to complete the remainder of the house surrounds roughly working out around 250sqm of resurfacing and 40sqm of new concrete.

A quick broom was all that is needed on this installation, not a finish we complete normally, typically opting to choose a highlighted stipple finish, but given the fact we’ll be back to basically remove this surface again before applying our new surface, there was no need for anything fancy in the interim.

Thanks to our client for their work so far, I’m looking forward to seeing you again later in the year.

Concrete Parking Helensvale
Concrete Parking Helensvale
Concrete Parking Helensvale
Concrete Parking Helensvale

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