Full Flake Epoxy Garage Pimpama

Full Flake Epoxy Floor Pimpama

Project Description

Location: Pimpama
Project Size: 42sqm

“Stage 3”: The….Week…..From….Hell.

The third section of this nightmare freaking week, funnily enough coinciding with Halloween…go figure, is our full flake epoxy floor in “SnowFlake” we installed for our client out at Pimpama.

This one actually had me a little disgusted with my industry. Now don’t get me wrong, none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and not all of our work is 100% perfect, 100% of the time….but this garage floor substrate was fucking horrific. (Sorry younger readers, but you’re reading the blog of a concreter…deal with it).

Now this is a great lesson for everyone to learn…who doesn’t know it already.

Builders provide bottom dollar quality tradies to complete work for their clients. You may quote me on that shit.

Take for example, the going rate, (roughly), for exposed aggregate concrete, is around $95/sqm starting rate for a direct contractor like myself. A customer can expect to pay a builder in the vicinity of $140/sqm for their exposed aggregate. Most builders, due to negotiations, will pay their sub-contractors in the vicinity of an $80/sqm starting rate.

Needless to say, builders don’t get contractors like myself working for them, because they pay peanuts and I’m not a frigging monkey.

The same goes for your house slab. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sub-contractors installing works for builders are bad concreters / contractors, I’m just saying you get what you pay for, and those sub-contractors are not going to provide top quality workmanship and materials for basement value prices.

This sometimes can’t be avoided by the clients…mostly, as something like the house slab is considered a normal inclusion in a house contract, but at least our client in this situation had the common sense to boot the builder to the curb and find someone who actually gives a shit.

I quoted this garage site unseen and when I rocked up to start the epoxy, there were literally cracks EVERYWHERE. Now, I’m 20 years in the mud, my off sider is pushing 40 odd years, both of our first reactions…..boys on the piss pouring in the rain. The splintered plastic cracking throughout, with low spots all over (literally swimming pools), a surface that came off with a finger nail wipe and a fall that headed straight from the garage entrance to the hallway door (backwards) just so, you know, clients can wash their hallway while cleaning out the bloody garage.

Ok, ok. I’ll end my little rant here. But please for the love of Bhudda, learn from this client here and contact a contractor directly, you’ll get a much better job completed.

So back to the story.

After grinding out cracks for what seemed like a good hour, these cracks were in filled with epoxy and sand and let sit over night. I returned in the morning again to apply more epoxy to the cracking before coming back later in the day and applying our epoxy flooring.

Of course the floor was primed in the process as well and left sit for a full day before applying our main coatings.

We wanted to match our new epoxy floor in with the Salt and Pepper exposed driveway we were installing, so I decided to go with a Light Grey epoxy tint and apply a 100% “Snow Flake” over the top.

After our application was complete, I returned the next day to chip away the excess flaking, vacuum up all the loose flakes and finally apply a full coating of Urethane Sealer over the top for a full gloss, lovely epoxy flake floor…..man I love working with this stuff.

Thanks again as said before to our lovely client. See you soon for the pool surrounds. You guys have been great to work with.

Full Flake Epoxy Floor Pimpama
Full Flake Epoxy Floor Pimpama
Full Flake Epoxy Floor Pimpama
Full Flake Epoxy Floor Pimpama

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