New Driveway Entrance Maudsland

Hinterland Access Concrete Maudsland

Project Description

Location: Maudsland
Project Size: 105sqm

Our client for this project approached us needing a new entrance installed at her lovely Maudsland Acreage property.

The previous entrance, was a little too far up on the hill and when someone was wishing to turn in, the road in front could not be seen in full, which unfortunately, was the result of an accident in which somebody lost their life.

After showing some great patience waiting for us to get through Saturday Gold Coast traffic in pouring rain, we went through options for installation and a plan was made to allow much better and clearer access to the property.

When we return, our machines excavated a brand new driveway area with an 8m front curved access, running flat and guiding in back to a 5m gate entrance, then proceeding down the hill over a new drain installation to allow for natural water flow, then of course meeting up with the old driveway.

After all the prep work was completed and the drain installed with plenty of crusher dust surrounds, the 120mm thick driveway was poured with a pump, in which we finished with a stiff broom allowing for surface traction whilst highlighting the edges and control joints.

We hand sculpted entrance and exit points to the drain, had a few beers and laughs and called it a day.

Thanks very much to our client, a few carton of eggs and a cast of beer at the end of the job with a smile the entire time. It really is lovely working for country minded people, I’m from the bush and it makes me smile getting away from the city attitude.

Hinterland Access Concrete Maudsland
Hinterland Access Concrete Maudsland
Hinterland Access Concrete Maudsland
Hinterland Access Concrete Maudsland

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