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I’m sitting here this afternoon tired. I’m literally on my 17th day straight at work. The rain we’ve had, followed by an excessive work load, has left me with little energy for free time and a zombie like outlook on the world trying desperately to figure out whether I should rest my weary body, or feed my creative freedom (of whom my wife calls a “little smeagol”) with something lavish in my garage (of which I’ve used as a canvas for hundreds of epoxy creations testing what I can create).

I thought a few beers might help me rest. Now I like those big frigging half litre Asahi beers straight out of Japan. You know, the full strength fuckers that knock you on your ass after two when finished a hard day in the sun.

So here I am, 4 fulls in, staring up at the sky and pondering the days to come…..

We’ve had a cyclone come through up north in the last few days. This has left us with more rain of course, but it’s been scattered, only coming in waves every now and then. Then I look a little closer. I see it. More to the point I feel it. The contrast of storms and madness blended into a back drop of bright blue skies and twinkling sunshine, almost like mother nature was talking to me directly.

I’m inspired. I have energy pulsing through my veins that I really fucking shouldn’t have. I’m exhausted. I should be passed out on the couch like the old man I am dreading the alarm going off at whatever ungodly hour to wake me for more torment tomorrow.

But no. It’s time. To finish my own garage……3 years late.

Custom Metallic Epoxy Floor Robina

You see, I’m fresh off a custom Epoxy Project down at Robina (see pic above). My Confidence is high. I’m a confidence driven person.

I’m so freaking keen with the direction I’m heading in at the moment that being tired and weary will not stand in the way of my back flipping fucking brain coming up with rediculous ideas of creation with my chosen profession.

Oh my god. I’m inspired. I’m actually completely devoted to something for the first time in my life.

Not just for a pay cheque, fuck the money. I’m not a money person. I need inspiration and a sense of achievement and I get it directly from colour pigment on my hands and a slide on spiked boot.


What I’m working with here is the basic colours that I can get to match my house design. I’ve got a brick home and have completed the driveway with Almond colouring (which needs re-doing because I keep spilling bloody colour pigments on it grrrrr). But what I’m inspired by is the depth in the first photo I put up in this blog.

I need depth in my life. I was thinking originally about a semi marble like design, moving away from black and using a Brass instead. But…that’s not going to suit my house. My house / property is a homely property. It’s not heavily contrasted, relying more on natural appearances and tones.

Also the image that caught my eye earlier. The contrasted depth of tones in the afternoon sky with the storms around. Somewhat calling to me to re-create in colour tones that suit my house.

So I’m going to work depth through my creation with a white base and platinum white, old brass and carbon dust naturally blended together to re-create that afternoon delight for my eyes.

Now, every creation with metallic epoxy is a once off creation. No two designs are the same anywhere in the world. Frigg, even if I try to get it exactly the same, I feel like I stuffed up and failed….then I see what the new design is I created and immediately feel a sense of achievement having toppled the old winner of “best design in Ben’s head” award that appears to be excessively easily given out.

So here it is. The colours may not be the same as that lovely afternoon experience I witnessed yesterday, but the creation of depth between light and dark contrasts and how they flow for the overall design at least re-create a feeling that I saw that one afternoon at the end of February, full of beer and optimism for the year ahead .

Thanks for reading.

Depth in Design
Depth in Design
Depth in Design
Depth in Design

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