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It’s been a while since I’ve put an article on the website that is written with the intention of more “insight” into what we do, as opposed to being strictly business related explaining projects completed and services rendered.

We have a period at the moment where it seems to be public holiday after public holiday. That, coupled with the constant rain this time of year, finds me with a little free time to write up a more personal article.

I’ve got a bit of a strong philosophy with my creations. I don’t believe, when we are spray resurfacing or applying an epoxy coating, that attempting to “re-create” a natural finish is being truly accurate to the situation, nor being truly honest with our clients.

The problem with providing, (for instance), a “Sandstone” finish for a client with our spray on resurfacing products, is that that finish is directly compared with a true Sandstone tile finish. This is not what we’re after. I don’t want to replicate a true Sandstone finish, because if you’re after a true Sandstone finish, then head down a different path and install Sandstone tiling.

What I try to achieve, is a take on a Sandstone finish. Whether it be a modern take, a pastel conversion, or a complete contrast application with the same principles, but trying to create a something with true WOW factor.

We separate our pricing into three different catagories. These catagories are affected directly by the amount of time and effort it takes to apply them, plus also the creativity and foresight to find the right “feeling” for the design.

Let me explain roughly the differences.

Base Pricing - Standard Works

These designs can be considered the bread and butter of both spray resurfacing and epoxy coatings. They’re technically nothing special and can be applied by most applicators / artists.

I do have a saying though, “There is an elegance in simplicity”.

Spray - Single Colour

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

Spray - Borders

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

Epoxy - Flake Flooring

Epoxy Garage Helensvale

Epoxy - Single Colour

revamp holmview

Midway Pricing - Little More Detail

These designs can still be relatively considered standard, but due to the extra workmanship required to complete them, incur extra costing. I suppose the extras come in the detailing required in the patterning and centre pieces to fill empty space a little more effectively over larger areas.

Spray - Offset Tiles

Off Set Tile Resurfacing Eagleby

Spray - Extensive Detail

Concrete & Resurfacing Oxenford

Epoxy - Simple Blending

epoxy sample board

Epoxy - Overtoning

contrast overtoning

Premium Pricing - Full Detail

These are examples of our premium custom designs. We put everything we have, both artistically and physically into these creations and leave nothing wanting. These designs are very time consuming and are applied with all of our 20+ years of experience.

Just keep in mind though, due to the time consuming nature of these designs, there is an area limit to what can be completed in a single section. They are physically and mentally exhausting to complete.

For larger areas, stop points need to be created and these stop points may have variation in colouring between them, only slight, but natural pigment products very rarely produce the same result day after day.

What we do in this situation, is try and create start / stop points in areas of no interest. Meaning, at the side of the house where nobody really looks, as opposed to the front door where it’s the first thing you see when you walk onto your patio.

Apart from all that, these designs are truly one off pieces of art work and will never be 100% recreated twice anywhere. If we were a little more of a narcissist, we’d even sign our work at the bottom…but that’s a little rude.

As you can see, what we’re looking for with the designs is not a re-creation of a natural application so much, but a feeling. We want to install a “theme” if you will.

I love what we’ve done so far in our journey, we hope you do too.

Sand in your Toes

resurfacing walker concreting

Ocean Dreaming

resurfacing walker concreting

Stormy Skies

modern stone

Volcanic Stream

Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast

Volcanic Implosion

Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast

Marble(ish) Constrast


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