New Custom Designs in the Works

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Announcement of New Designs in the Works

So here we are. First week in the bag after coming off our first holiday in what seems like forever. Three weeks off with no work, no phone calls, no stress….just flowing around the Whitsundays with a rod and beer in hand and two tiny dogs barking at freaking everything, but that’s another story.

It’s nice to come back refreshed. Not only towards our actual work load which is basically nearly full right up until Christmas at the moment, but also the enthusiasm to retweak one of our existing custom finishes, revamp another one of them into something completely new and different, along with a totaly new creation as well.

I’ll give a bit of a run through here and do our best to get onto them and keep you up to date with their progress.

Tweaking Desert Dreams

This finsh is one of our most popular finishes and for good reason, it looks great and works so well with a lot of natural settings, leaning more towards Sandstone inspired areas of course.

We do tweak this finish slightly already, using one of three colour options for the decorating to better suit an area. This isn’t always the same, but either of the three choices leaves us with a really cool sandy, stone looking design.

What we’ll be doing is introducing some more elements to it with some off white highlighting and other subtle techniques that should create an even more in depth appearance throughout.

custom concrete resurfacing gold coast

Re-Implementing an old Design Style

This is a design we installed a while ago now. We didn’t really follow through much more with it. We kind of just played around with colours and styles and thought this worked really really well with natural “forest” like areas with plenty of tree’s and green’s around.

Already having two designs with swirling and patching decorations, I’ve decided to put some time into this one differently and instead of utilising swirling and patching, really take it to another level removing them and bringing in custom stencil designs, tweaking the colour styles and creating a “Forest” styled finish. My wife and I get back to nature at every oportunity, so this ones a little close to heart, really looking forward to what we come up with.

custom concrete resurfacing gold coast

Making Timber Our Own

Timber overlay’s are nothing new. They’re a relatively simple overlay process through resurfacing, (at least simple for skilled installers of course), but I’ve stayed clear of them for a long time now, mainly because I don’t like replicating something else that can be installed for similar pricing, that is exactly the real thing.

What I will be creating is a “Timber Plank” inspired finish but bringing it into the modern age and putting a very unique Walker Concreting influence on it. This one’s going to take some time to get right, but when we do, it should be very fitting in a more modern styling. (Possibly two versions, one also leading to rustic….but we’ll trip over that bridge if we get to it).

timber overlay


What you may or may not have noticed by most of our work that I don’t like “copying” things. Resurfacing products are my medium to portray my artwork. I’m a firm beleiver that I am not here to replicate something else with resurfacing products. It is it’s own entity and should be used and taken forward using creation styles that utilise it’s strengths.

If you want Sandstone, buy Sandstone. If you want Marble, buy Marble. Timber, timber. You get the point. Even our “Desert Dreams” is only stone inspired, it’s completely unique to what we can acheive with the medium we have chosen to create with.

Thanks for staying with me this far if you have, we get some great feedback by clients reading about our work and path we take in designs and this industry. We’ll do our best to keep regular updates with how these designs are going.

Just remember, most of our updating is done through Instagram, find us at

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