Packing the ute, rods on the rack, hook up the boat, get going…don’t look back.

Sliding into Airlie Beach as the sun rises after a long 14 hour stretch in the car. Rolling over that first hill after Cannonvale, seeing that Turquoise ocean confronting me for immediate stress relief.

Seemingly floating on down the main road past the wannabe Surfers Paradise vomit, then drifting through a small rainforest mountain until I hit Shute Harbour and feel like I’m jelly sinking into my car seat.

I reverse in the boat, throw the dogs and wifey in the back, turn the key and the last 14 hours in the car seem meaningless. A quick full throttle stretch across to South Molle and I’m in Coconut Cove, a 2500sqm crystal clear cove, about 2 meters deep without another single human being in sight. My happy place. I fall backwards into the water and shed a tear. A tear that all my hard work was worth it. That it means something…..

Only in my dreams can I separate myself. But unfortunately, when the world revolves around money like it does, it allows inspiration to primarily come from monetary reward, which removes passion. Without passion, human beings cannot reach their full potential, because it’s always guided to another point of value, opposed to true inspiration.

Daydream with me for a second. A brief second where money doesn’t come into the equation. A problem arises which is a mutated form of a virus spreading throughout the world. The biggest problem we are faced with, is trying to solve the problem.

The smartest people on earth are simply looking at the problem and trying to solve it, without thinking of the cost. The hospitals and nurses first voice isn’t “we need more respirators”. The Scientist working on vaccine research aren’t limited to a budget value on their research.

Don’t tell me for a second that once all this shit reared it ugly head, the media and food supply conglomerates didn’t subtly wink at each other and ride that money train all the way down to hell where the evil fucks belong. Don’t even get me started on the big Pharma companies, fuck you.

Fear monger. Public sheep will follow suit. Advert click baits. Grocery shelves empty. Stocks up 300%. Fuck you cunts hey.

But I guess it’s hard to climb back out of hole once you’ve dug it so deep. Scratching and clawing I fear the human race will never reach it’s full potential because they……..simply can’t afford it.

But I also don’t have the answers for a better system. I’m just a bush kid trying to double step the city dance. Fit into your society, no matter how much my entire being screams to run back to Coconut Cove.

What a shame.

I will play your game with my hands bound. Defiant against your regime, yet fully aware I need to play the game to survive in it. I will walk into your garden, but at no stage will you take away my dreams. It is where my mind can exist without the need for money. It will always make me smile. It will always allow me to do something different than everyone else. Something unique that very few acheive.

To be myself.

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