The Ability to Say NO! – Politely

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It's a Subtle Art

Many moons ago, when I was a little younger, had much more enthusiasm and a shit load less security in my income, I found myself saying YES to pretty much anything I had to, to win the next project and move forward in my business endeavours.

Literally, if I was pricing to install your patio and you asked me hang your washing to win the contract, I washed those dirty ass long johns and hung them out again smelling like sunflowers.

But these days, things are much different and people should not get offended by it.

I did a bit of learning through a good friend of mine in the industry, cheers big Roddy, who really only taught me one thing….the ability to say NO and how to do it with ease.

Firstly. Get a bank roll. Set yourself up financially. You don’t need to be rich, I am faaaaar from it. But having enough bank roll to not “need” to complete the work being asked of me, allows me to say NO easily and move onto the next project.

Secondly, raise your standards of professionalism. Give yourself true credit for you abilities, and charge accordingly. I am here to install your decorative concrete to the best of my 20+ year ability, wash your own f*cking underwear.

I must admit, it did take a while to get there. Many years of sweat and tears, but I earned my bones thoroughly.

If you call up and ask me to do a slap job over your shitty looking concrete, cheaply, so you can sell your house and pass the problem onto the next person, you will politely get a NO as I walk away from you.

If I advise you why I won’t install a Stain to your concrete, because I don’t consider it a long lasting application for me to be taking your money for, but still ask me to do it anyways because you are selling the house, please don’t get offended by my abrupt NO.

If you’re someone who gets offended by being said NO to, then please just don’t ring us at all. We don’t want your work.

There are many things we say YES to. I’m a positive person and love a challenge. We love hearing from and working with clients who are genuinely serious about high quality, long lasting hardscape finishes, whether it is for themselves, or to pass onto the next person buying their home.

But when I say NO, there’s a good reason for it and you should take heed…..even though the next guy you get might do your cheap nasty job to get you out of trouble to sell your home…..Kharma’s a mean bitch and she slaps 10 fold. Don’t be a c*nt. You’re better than that…..

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