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First World Problems

Just to start this post off, for those who don’t know me, a little back ground.

I’m just a kid from the bush, jam full of ADHD to the point where education was as likely as Elvis entering a body building competition.

I’ve read a grand total of 4 books in my entire life.

1: The White Spider – Heinricch Harrer
2: Gates of Fire – Steven Pressfield
3: We Were Soldiers Once, and Young – Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway
4: Chicken Hawk – Robert Mason

Don’t ask me why these books drew my attention long enough to finish them. Maybe the sense of adventure through a world where society said it shouldn’t…..couldn’t happen. Absolute defiance just because the social norms said…….”you can’t”, fuck you!.

A single page can literally take me 20 minutes to read by the time I lose focus and have to restart it. But writing…for some reason, albeit with grammatical and spelling errors comfounded, have always come naturally and I enjoy telling a few tales for those interested enough to lend an ear.

I hate conformity. Whether it’s to do with my social limitations or my learning difficulties, I just hate it. Try and put me in a box, I’ll rip that damn thing apart and come out banging my chest like fucking the rock ape I am.

At one time though, I did follow that road. With youth, naivety and lack of a better role model, I started out my business following the corporate mentality to business SUCCESS!!!!! Pffft. What a fucking joke…..Take your corporate carrot and stick it up your ass.

2008. GFC. Nearly 100K in debt through builders and debt contracts following the yellow brick road….bankruptcy hit. What a drag. 3 years it took me to stabalise somewhat from that garbage. Just a young guy from the sticks trying to make it big in the city…..only to be slapped back to earth by the smarties working the system more effectively. Lesson learned. Never again.

After stablising, rebuilding, slowly. I have brought the business through a more secure growing phase, over several years.

I threw away the builders, developers and middle men and made myself that direct person that the residential industry can contact for all their concrete, decorative concrete, resurfacing and epoxy services, backed up now by a solid history of experience, through blood sweat and tears…..literally.

Servicing the Gold Coast only firstly. Booked 4 weeks sporadic. Then 4 weeks doubled up. Then 8 weeks sporadic. 8 weeks doubled up. 3 months sporodic before I started to branch out farther into the southern and eastern Brisbane regions. The same time frame before facing what we do now.

I have worked my absolute ass off not to expand the business in personel. To keep things “family friendly” so to speak. The contractor pricing your work, is the contractor completing your work. No sub-contracting, just straight up old fashioned service with a focus on quality and service. Now the problem presents of keeping the same philosophy, whilst being forced into a corner, having to punch our way out….

But there is a simple lesson I’ve learned. With the right mentality of the harder you work, the more you succeed, it is inevitable that we reach the point that my wife and I reached today….

The point where we put our hands up, surrender….and expand.

It’s just too much. 70+ hours a week, week after week after month……We’re tired and need someone to back us up. My lovely wife Camilla jumped on board about a year ago now to back me up and man, hasn’t she done a wonderful job…albeit to only make us busier and force us quicker into this position, devil’s advocate…..but a good devil to boot. I met her while she was working elsewhere with a very similar line… worked in a young, innocent enthusiasm at the time.

“A good woman will make you, a bad will break you”. how true can an old adage ring true”. Love you Sugar Tits.

As of today, the 15th of May 2020, we are facing down a work schedule on average 2 medium sized projects per week, until the start to mid of October 2020. Roughly 5 months booked ahead with double bookings each week.

I won’t lie, I’m comforbital with my masculinity…but I cried a little today. Cried because I haven’t a day off for fucking months and I’m exhausted. I cried because I’m so godamn proud an uneducated bush kid can actually get along in this world by sheer determination and hard work. So humble and proud of ourselves. Cheers to whomever is seeing us stand up to the “norm” and provide something a little different, at the risk of being different. Quality above quantity. End of story.

Facing the inevitable, we are now looking to “lightly” expand. A long term collegue and friend of mine is looking for other avenues in life. We have been working together for over a decade in the industry and friends for much longer.

At least this method of expanding, is still keeping the moral values of our business in tune. At least this way, we still stay that family friendly, old fashioned service without sending out sub-contractors to fuck things up and create more problems, than solutions.

Down to earth, professional, one on one service for your concrete and flooring needs throughout South East Queensland.

We will now be collapsing our 5 month schedule into a more compact schedule so as to keep clients from having to wait so long for our services and subsequently happier overall….

The next step? We’ll cross that bridge as we get to it.

For now, thank you to all our past, present and awaiting customers. I am so damn proud every time I hear you call up and accept our quotation proposal, leave a nice review or just generally work on your project while sharing a coffee and conversation.

I have met the best people of my life through work and business. I’m so grateful to you all.

Thank you all for my reasonable level of success to date, I wish you all the very best for your future goals you’re working so hard to acheive. Don’t let the goverment, society norms or other dictate how you lead your life.

Be free. Pave your own path. It’s worth effort.

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