It’s not always about the money

Alec the Artist Concrete Resurfacing

I have a simple motto in life and business, and that is I work my ass off for what I consider a fair dollar trade, for the level of my expertise provided. No more. No less. I do not try and push too hard against this status quo, as every time I have chosen money strictly over my own, mental needs and desires, it’s always bitten me on the ass somehow.

This is why I take great pride when we come across a gentleman like Alec on this project we have just completed.

After heading out to visit our 90yo friend at Labrador, he wanted us to add just a little section of concrete to the side of his driveway, then colour seal everything to make everything the same right the way through.

Following the measure up and discussing options, I glanced inside his garage and saw a wall full of paintings. Lovely, meaningful paintings and immediately saw what this man’s passion was.

There were in depth paintings of the current (at the time), bush fires that were raveging Australia. Painting of the Devil’s Marbles he had put together from memories of his visit there. Ayres Rock (Uluru of course, but his time of visit, the former rang true). I also noticed a few amazing paintings of a lovely lady, hair flowing free as she smiled directly at me. His wife I was later to find out, that had already passed before him, leaving him in the house alone with his passion, but not alone completely as other family was in reaching distance.

After a nice chat, I let him know I would be more than happy to return to complete the work, not for a dollar value for payment, but in exchange for one of his amazing paintings, so long as I wasn’t expecting too much.

At this stage I felt I had short changed the Alec. I thought maybe I am under valueing the workmanship and skill he has put into his art. But after he mentioned the same in return to me, we came to an agreement that I would return later where we could make a deal.

Finally today, after a long time trying to find the time to return, we not only got the opportunity to exchange our services for one of his lovely paintings, but we also got to sit down between final coats and have a cup of coffee and share a few memories. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time today, we’re run off our feet. But it was nice to slow down if only for a moment and be normal again.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Alec. It’s little times like these in our lives where the stress of the modern day, just takes a back seat and we really experience what it’s like to be a human being. We look forward to catching up again soon for a coffee.

(Also the best freaking backyard Pineapples in the business. Cheers mate)

Alec the Artist Concrete Resurfacing
Alec the Artist Concrete Resurfacing
Alec the Artist Concrete Resurfacing
Alec the Artist Concrete Resurfacing

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