Back From Holidays and Doing Some Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning

Gears Starting to Grind Again

So here we are, back into the hamster wheel again and beginning to tumble towards our business goals. It was a long 4 months of Covid19 madness for us consisting of 70+ hour weeks for pretty much the entire 4 months, then 2 weeks of bliss as soon as they opened up travel again as we went north for boating, fishing and swimming relief.

The first week or so back has seen a few tantrums (by me of course), not wanting to let go of the holidays, but alas, my head and toes are all pointed in the same direction again.

Having a second to breathe over holidays and our first week back, where the pressure of our schedule hasn’t been too crazy, has allowed me to see what is maybe a fault in the marketing of our designs and what we can offer our clients. If you look through our work on social media and website, we have a hell of a lot of pieces that are very customised throughout, but we have made the mistake of giving each artistic piece a design name. Now although this is really cool to name some of the creations I’ve delved into, I think there is room to separate the sections into categories.

So what I’ve done firstly, is just adjust our Custom Concrete Designs page to show the following area categories.

Natural Stone Designs

This design process if leaned towards what the name suggests, a more natural stone appearance. It consists of several blending tones applied through several layers and can be completed in several different colour and tone combinations. This allows us to bring this particular design process into any home or work place and allow it to flow with it’s surroundings.

Custom Concrete Resurfacing Stockholm Slate
Custom Concrete Resurfacing Sandstone Desert Dreams

Artistic Flow Designs

This is the design category where I work in depth with our clients to create something more directed towards artstic creation as opposed to a natural appearance. There is no end to colour combinations and flowing, either give me a little direction, work right alongside me or let me go with true autonomy to put a one of a kind piece of art onto your home or workplace setting.

Custom Decorative Concrete Installation Ormeau
Custom Concrete Sandstone Finish Ormeau

What's Next?

From here, we have an absolute nightmare schedule in front of us for at least another 6 weeks to get on top of things, then we can hopefully breath a little bit and maybe even work on some new designs. We’re booked pretty solid up until Christmas at present, but as always, we’re still quoting any potential clients who are firstly not bothered with the waiting period, or who are looking for that something different and unique to stand out from the crowd.

Keep up to date with what we’re up to on our Instagram, we post nearly everything up there.

Hope everyone out there is doing good with all the madness in the world at the moment. Victoria might be back in the shit again, but the night is darkest before the dawn, hang in there guys.

See you next time I find some mental energy to put some words on paper.

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