Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation at Gilston

Metallic epoxy floor install Gilston Australia

Location: Gilston, Australia – Project Size: 78sqm

Finishing up today on our Gilston project for this lovely metallic epoxy floor installation. Our client here lives on acreage with lots of nature and greenery around, as well as having colour tones lending towards natural greens and browns through and through.

After design meetings, we decided on something that is somewhat “inbetween” mature and flair. At the end of the day, this is a sitting / billiards room, so we wanted something a distinguished gentleman could sit and enjoy a game of pool with a scotch and cigar, but we also wanted to venture a little into the eccentric flamboyance that we can create with metallics. So we went with something in between.

Carbon Flash main colouring blending midway to a lovely two tone, whilst combining “middle range” detailing with Liquid Pearl and minor Copper accents.

I can’t wait to get some photos when everything is back together in this room, love the results of this project.

Cheers guys, always a pleasure doing business with you. Take care.

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