No more exposed! Polished concrete instead.

Polished concrete resurfacing Coomera

Project Size: 90sqm – Location: Coomera Waters

We originally priced this project 12 months ago, but due to reasons beyond our clients control, the job was continually postponed throughout, until finally we had the chance to get our dirty rotten tradie hands on thier concrete to turn it into something new.

We had talked originally about a sandstone design, but decided on a different path here, with polished concrete in mind. It may be a little hard to see from the photos, but we finished this project with Silver Birch main colour, followed by heavy flecking with White and Shale, with a tiny, subtle hint of Coal thrown in to create a really cool, tripple fleck that looks just like a polished floor….well, a replica anyways.

Quite a technical project this one. Lots of levelling work over the tile rebates on each side that were removed, along with having to overlay exposed aggregate. My hand and knee’s are well worn, but worth the effort.

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