The War

Stamped concrete resurfacing Buccan Queensland

All throughout this year has been busy for us. We’re typically always pretty steady to busy, but since the government took it’s foot of the throats of small business, cut the red tape and told us “Be Free and Prosper”, our schedule has been absolutely mind blowing, back aching rediculous. But thats definitely a first world problem and I’m so happy, blessed and humble to be busy while so many others are scratching their heads waiting for their flood gates to open. Patience friends.

As you probably noticed from my last post / project report, I’m kind of combining the two at the moment. Instead of just reporting a project in boring fashion, I’m trying to open up and vomit out some paragraphs. I guess I enjoy writing, and work is so damn busy, I’m vaguely trying to find some sort of balance in my life between the two.

The Christmas rush for us is always crazy, as it is with most contractors who are worth their salt, but this year, is just fucking stupid. We’ve been booked for roughly 6 months for most of the year, and are currently booked until April next year. We haven’t quoted properly in 2 months now. So friggin awesome. But we have made promises. Months in advance. To amazing clients who are terrific people and we are determined to not let them down.

I feel like a boxer. In the ring, arms are tired, feet arn’t moving as quick as they were 6 rounds ago. I’m up against the ropes begging for a reprieve from the onslaught punching into me. My grinders are broken. Dust vac in for maintenance. Concrete saw clutch is gone. My hopper just shat itself and I dropped the damn compressor off the ute yesterday….not sure how that thing is still running.

I’m talking Ali vs Fraser. Hearns vs Hagler. Sheer grit your teeth and commit to the cause. 7 days. What’s a Sunday again? Arrrgghhh! We’ll take a day off when the war is won.

ADHD is a funny thing, you kind of live you life in sections. Your brain runs through the 101 things that need doing before you can take a rest, for the most part, that’s a daily thing. “Today, I need to do X amount of things and I can knock off” (300kph until done).

But at the moment, with a seemingly insurmountable volume of work in front of us with so little time before Xmas, I’ve decided to expand that daily ADHD dilemma into a block of work that will last 7 days a week, 12 hours a day until that block of tasks is complete and I can take my break. Most likely broken to my core needing a month to recover, but I will not fail gritting my teeth and find the last ounce of energy to keep punching until the job is done.

This project here we just completed today, was a big task. We were faced with 220sqm of old stamped concrete, extensive structural cracking and gernerally horrific condition. Just to top it off, we were on a deadline for our clients who had Real Estate photographers booked in tomorrow and some of the worst storms of the year right in the middle of their installation.

  • 1000kg concrete demolished and repoured
  • 900kg resurfacing products
  • 55L epoxy patching
  • Twice floor ground
  • Once hand ground and bevelled
  • Fossil main colour with Coal lines and White and Coal flecking

My back is broken, knee is swollen and achillies is aching. But we’re still punching. 6 Sizeable projects to go before I rest.

Bring it on…..

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