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Exposed aggregate refurbishment Parkwood

Honestly, I’ve sat here for a fair while now, slowly sipping 500ml Asahi beers pretending not to be reasonably drunk while I type out several different blogs for our last project.

I submit though. I’ve tried. I just can’t come up with the flow of paragraphs to make enough sense that people will actually try and continue reading for more than a few sentences. So I’ll keep things to point and try a little less. Sigh.

Our clients here have just given birth to their wonderful new baby boy. Really cool to see a young couple taking the steps into parenthood. It brought me back a few times to my early days and my daughter….before she was a teenager and entered a new realm of WTF.

Hell, I even found myself giving some advice. Dad comes out one morning, bags under the eyes and stress because mum and bub have been in hospital last night vomitting. Everything from the doctors was fine, which allowed me to actually sound relatively intelligent and let them know that new babies are tougher than new parents, try not to stress as much although I know it’s hard. It’s all part of learning.

I sounded mature. I sounded…..grounded. WTF right?

Albeit for about 12 seconds before I coughed and burped and got back to hand sanding a concrete surface….fml.

The next brand new thing on this project is, apart from their relatively new home, we were onsite to complete resurfacing to all their concrete surrounds to get rid of that old shitty texture, and create something a bit nicer under foot for when the new little fella comes of ages and starts cartwheeling down the driveway tripping over his own feet. (He’s a red like me guys, that boy’s going to be trouble).

Add to this new texture going down, we were lucky enough to get our hands of Concrete Colour Systems new colour for 2021 in “Storm Grey”. We must be good clients of CCS, who knows.

We completed all this in a relatively simple, blanket design with flecks of White and Midnight Blue, along with an 18mm single border around the permiter of the driveway.

I’m sorry Nicole and Josh that I couldn’t get anything more entertaining to write about your project, you guys are awesome, I’m afraid I’m just old, tired, worn out and completely shit faced. I’m doing the best I can. Google’s even having trouble with auto correct.

Apart from that, you guys aren’t just great clients, but like many of our customers, as people, we got along with you very well. New mums and dads need a break every now and then, even just a coffee to break up the home life. We’ll give you and Josh a call soon and pop by for a coffee and see how you are going, at your convenience of course.

All the best with your new family. There will be ups and downs and lots of stress. It’s all VERY worth it though, enjoy the ride.

Exposed aggregate refurbishment Parkwood
Exposed aggregate refurbishment Parkwood

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