Off and Running

Skip Trowel Overlay

Finally. Although we’ve been back for a few weeks now, we’ve had literally the worst kind of weather system for what we do around at the moment. Rain sessions every morning which makes things to wet for us to do anything for most of the remaining day. But we have persisted, as best we can, until Thursday and Friday where the sun returned and we smashed out our first project for 2021. A pretty cool new design style of ours to boot.

We have many custom designs, albeit mostly in the same design style, just tweaked and configured differently, to suit different applications and different clients requirements. We had a chance last year with a lovely customer of ours Len, who wanted something very creative and unique, which allowed us to start fine tuning this new (yet old) design style we’re doing.

You can find that project article HERE

Over the next 12 months, customers pending of course, we will be displaying several variations of this design, in different colours, different patterns, water based stained versions, singular colour version (as we see here), lots of different ideas will come from this.

It’s a skip trowel overlay to replicate a more realistic stone appearance on the surface. It’s a prick to complete and is very time consuming and to be fair, a lot of technical knowledge required to get right…..stating this with as much modesty as I can. It really is an ass.

Photos of the project are below, of course it rained for the photos as well which made it difficult to get some angles due to water pooling, but lots of close ups for a better view.

This first project for 2021, is for a fantastic and amazing couple we have completed several projects previously for, one of them being what Kevin call, “The M1 Highway” (article found HERE).

Thanks so much for your work Graetz family, looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks for more work.



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