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So basically, I’m a little bored. We’ve got a heap of work on and our schedule is quite daunting, but, I need to add a little flavour into it. After the first long break at Christmas this year in what seems like an eternity, I promised myself to not only balance out my work / personal life better, but to also put more time into what I consider my art.

Naming this a “competition” is kind of corny, but I’m trying to emphasise, in this circumstance, that the work and materials will be provided for free and I guess “competition”, is the best way to let potential customers know this.

This idea, is not only limited to this particular design that I will be talking about in this “competition”, I am also open to other potential clients who to provide me a canvas to work upon, and hopefully some more “themed” installations.

I want to start completing the odd project, primarily out of my pocket providing the outlay isn’t too crazy, to start delving into full theme’s that I can encompass different styles and aspects of my overlay resurfacing, as well as epoxy, into a single piece of workmanship that really is one of a kind. So if you think you have something interesting, outside of this idea, please get in touch, I’d love to hear what it is.

For now though, lets chat about this potential design and the requirements I am looking for in a potential concrete canvas.

The Idea / Theme

I’ve you’ve been following my articles for a while, you’ll maybe remember quite a while ago me expressing my respect for the Japanese culture and something that drew my attention a lot whilst I travelled there briefly, especially in areas surrounding Mount Fuji, was the Torii Gate and Shinto Shrines.

Although not specifically a religious type person myself, the idea of having a place to show respect to and ask for good fortune to something higher than yourself (Kami), is an interesting concept. I don’t want to try and pretend to know all the inner workings to the Kami, simply just saying it is something that tweaked my interest in depth, whilst there. Which also, gave credence to a pretty cool design idea, which although will be difficult to pull off properly, would really keep my little inner creator Kami happy.

The Torii Gate is symbolic as the entrance from the mundane to the sacred. An entrance point into the Shinto Shrine and this is what I want to re-create for a potential customer.

Shinto Shrine

The Background

I want to create the background primarily in the textured style of our new (but old), stone skip trowel overlay. I want to use this to replicate possibly a stone pathway leading to the Shinto Shrine.

This skip trowel design I’m thinking to apply in a dark grey to black multi tone in water based stains, that will compliment the overall theme of a more “jungle” type feeling, and allow the colouring of the other aspects to pop out properly from it.

The picture across gives an idea of the texture design. I will be looking at a darker grey than this though and of course, without the tile pattern.

Skip Trowel Overlay

The Torii Gate

The Torii Gate itself is to be the star of the show and to be completed in a textured effect to imitate a timber look.

The gate will be completed also in water based stains leaning towards the common solid red colouring, possibly with a black topping as seen in a lot of images of Torii Gates.

This section will be a bit tricky to get right as I don’t want it to look too tacky….but I think we have the skills to get us there.

Note: Credit to Ultimate Industries for the timber effect. I stole this photo from Peter’s website….I’m sure he won’t mind? lol

Torii Timber

The Finishing Touch

Now what would a Japanese themed installation be without a Golden Sunset?

I’ll be looking to apply a large sun into the design and completing this with a stipple effect to appear like the fuming heat of the afternoon sun as it beams it’s glory upon the Torii Gate. Colours of Red and Orange will be the star of this.

If I can pull it off as well, I would like to spray on some misting clouds through the sun in light and dark greys. See how that one pans out.

The picture across gives an idea of the texture finish for this, ignore the colour applied of course.

Custom Staining


I guess at the end of the day, this might be difficult to find a customer who suits the requirements we need. First of all, you need to be into this theme, along with artwork in general of course.

Secondly, the project needs to be reasonable and not going to cost me a fortune to install.

Thirdly, the perfect canvas would be great. Hopefully and upward facing driveway. Or a larger entertaining area. Patio entertaining. Or even better, something leading to a personal shrine would of course be perfect.

If you follow my blogs, share this blog around to anyone you might think may be interested.

I’ll be sharing this through Instagram and passing it along through my supplier reps as well. Basically just getting the word out as best as possible.

Hope you’re all doing well out there and I hope we can find the right requirements so we can make this dream into a reality.

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