Room for Improvement


Room for Improvement

Just thought I’d write up a little blog on something I’ve been noticing over the past year since the economy kicked along around the start of Covid (sounds weird to be saying it like that for sure).

As with most of our followers and anyone who comes across our website really, they know that we’re a small business by choice where Camilla and I are onsite and in charge of each project. We’re not a business that is looking to expand and grow into an entity that simply throws manpower at projects trying to make as much money as possible.

We’re a small setup focussing on quality. We want that job satisfaction in our lives and in our clients lives. We want our clients to know we care about the outcome of their projects. But we’re running into some negative feedback because basically, we’re just not keeping up with demand.

I can use the excuse that working seven days a week is taking it’s toll, and it is, but at the end of the day, there’s a shortfall from us that we need to figure out a solution for.

I’m going to be sitting down with Camilla over the next month or so and figure out how we can combat this problem. We’re still in the position that we do not want to expand, but the rapid influx of new enquiries that are never ending and the large demand for our services, is starting to take it’s toll.

Kind of the opposite of what we want to achieve. Previously working towards good reputation by staying smaller and keeping the quality of work high….but we’re at present refusing to grow and getting bad feedback because of it. Where is the balance I suppose?

There is the other option of just riding this out because it will slow down again, I just don’t want keep having our clients let down by our time frames that seem ever harder to control.

The best I can do for now, is learn something from this feedback and work hard to improve ourselves so we can keep moving forward.

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