Flake Epoxy Floor Installation at Helensvale

Full flake epoxy garage floor Helensvale

Project Location: Kingsholme
Project Size: 320sqm

Managed to slide in this full flake epoxy floor this week at Helensvale in and around our other projects. For a small garage, we had a lot of work to complete with lots of minor, superficial cracking that needed tending to.

If you follow what we do, you’ll soon seen I’m a bit of an “old schooler” and with 20+ years in the game, I don’t mess around with modern systems of installation. There are many product applications these days to make these jobs much quicker, even completed in a single day sometimes. I believe however it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I take my time, tending to each section as it is required. Making sure all the materials and products that I am using are tried and tested in the industry for decades. Each project has it’s steps to follow to ensure a quality result, and our results speak for themselves.

Thanks Barry and Lyn. Look forward to seeing you in October for your driveway resurfacing.