Colour Concrete Installation Yarrabilba

Colour concrete installation Yarrabilba

Project Location: Yarrabilba
Project Size: 130sqm

When I was a young guy in the early days, one of my first jobs my boss and I had a shocker of a job. He said to me, “if something goes wrong at the start of a new job, that whole damn job is going to be difficult”. Ain’t that the truth.

We start this project out with a lovely young family in their new home build at Yarrabilba, and apart from the difficulties getting there with all the rain delays we had at the start of the year, we then turned up only to find after excavation that the council sewer pit had been put together with house bricks with a good ol’ she’ll be right attitude. We also managed on that notorious first day, to have the skip bin not able to be delivered because apparently all the access points to the job site were flooded out….even though I was standing at the job site when being told this….go figure. This saw us bringing the machine back twice and basically, just knowing we were up against it for the rest of this project.

But in the long run, a good concreter, or any tradesman for that matter, will keep pushing until nothing more can be done. After 3 separate pours for such a small job, most of them being late in the day because getting deliveries to Yarrabilba can be fun at best, we managed to get all the concrete areas completed and are leaving our customer with a fully useable patio, pool surrounds and driveway for the first time since they got hand over of the house.

Same day sealer was applied early which is a light sealer at about 50% solids to at least protect the surface while the concrete is curing, then after 3-4 weeks we’ll return for a quick clean and full acrylic seal with our more industrial grade products.

Thanks to our lovely clients on this project, Jess is a dog groomer and we decided to take our King Charles out for some special treatment as well, she looks amazing. If you’re at Yarrabilba and looking for a professional and skilled dog groomer, shoot us a message and we’ll pass on the details. Have a good weekend guys, see you soon for the sealing.