Major Concrete Installation Complete at Kingsholme

Concrete and Resurfacing Kingsholme

Project Location: Kingsholme
Project Size: 320 / 360qm

Finishing off the resurfacing overlay section of our major installation project at Kingsholme this week.

Find the concrete installation article HERE

After getting in and around the rains to install the concrete last time, we had a lovely week this week to allow long days getting this project completed. We were intending to spray it over 2 days this weekend, but since we have been working basically 7 days a week for a long time now, we decided to spray it all in one massive day yesterday to finish things off and allow for a few days off at least….especially considering rain is again predicted next week (arrrgghh).

Finish overlay completed in Blue Mountain with White and Graphite flecking which was a perfect choice by our client to tonally compliment the existing home colours. We loved the outcome.

Thank you kindly Richard and Ange, it truly was easy and a pleasure doing business with you. Not far from finishing your lovely home now, I bet you can’t wait!. Enjoy.