Custom concrete resurfacing sandstone design Carrara

Concrete resurfacing Sandstone Carrara

Project Location: Carrara
Project Size: 90sqm

Completing today our latest custom concrete resurfacing project in our Sandstone Inspired “Desert Dreams” finish. Has been a long time (seemingly) since I got to work on some custom designs, I’m so thankful to our customer here for giving us the opportunity to, along with anyone following along with our works. Appreciated every one of you, thank you.

I decided to go with more a Almond brown undertone on this project as opposed to the usual Sandy Beige peachy undertone, given the brickwork all around and the timber entrance features like the doors and windows. The Sandy Beige peach undertone goes better when put up against true Sandstone, where those undertones are highly present and can blend in well. With only having the brickwork and other feature to work with here without true sandstone, the Almond was made the undertone star bringing more earthy warmth to the brickwork and house.

The project was completed with an initial combination of Ocean Sand at varying strengths for the main coating, followed by Almond at varying strengths for the decorations and patching, finishing with full strength Almond and Fossil flecking and full acrylic sealing.

Thank you so much to our lovely customers here, it was a pleasure working with you and your patience waiting on us is greatly appreciated. All the best for the rest of the year. Thank you again.