custom concrete

Concrete – Standard & Custom

Our grass roots, where it all began, is of course in concreting. Over 20 years ago I began in the industry, and in that time, there isn’t much I’ve put my hands onto to try and master. From basic paths and shed slabs, to intricate contrasting applications of exposed and stamped in full custom designs, it’s fair to say, there isn’t much I can’t handle.

I won’t go into too much detail for standard works in this section, as nearly everyone knows what they are. Plain grey, exposed aggregate, coloured…..if you’re after something standard, there’s no need to talk anymore, expect it to be completed to the highest standard.

But where I really like to delve into, goes hand in hand with my other decorative applications I provide for resurfacing options. I love mixing things up. I’ve never been scared to take a risk. Instead of a single colour throughout, lets do different coloured sections. Let break that exposed driveway up with different coloured stone inserts for something a little different. Lets border that exposed driveway with an intricate stamped design border or pathway leading off from it.

Basically, I love different. Different keeps my brain involved and keeps me striving to set new standards within the industry.

Here’s a couple of pics of what can be achieved by thinking outside the box. Give me a call today to have a chat about your new concrete installation, and instead of of just getting an exposed driveway completed, lets get a custom exposed driveway completed that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Contrasting Exposed Aggregates

custom concrete

Colour Concrete w/ Stamped

custom concrete

Stone Tile Border w/ Exposed

custom concrete

Exposed Aggregate w/ Stamped

custom concrete
Custom Staining

Staining – Custom Recolouring

Food for Thought - Tinting & Staining - Rejuvenating Old Concrete

With these process’s we are delving, for the most part, into rejuvenating old concrete surfaces, to look new again. These can also be completed as package deals for new areas, which would include concrete installation then resurfacing as per requirements, but as said, we mostly delve into tinting and staining to revamp old areas.

All work completed with this process is a custom design of colour combinations and textures, as it is all hand completed by myself, to fit in and work with it’s surrounding areas, making that tired old concrete look fresh and new again.

Tinting as a Full Depth Colour Over

The most basic form of re-colouring concrete that I provide is a process called “tinting”. This is quite simply a full colour epoxy tint, mixed through our full acrylic sealer, then applied to a fresh, cleaned surface. This most basic form, quite simply colours the entire surface a single colour throughout. If you think of painting a surface, then you get the basic idea of this application, however, separating itself from paint, this product penetrates the concrete surface and does not chip off or peel like painting would. Depending on the existing condition of the concrete we are working with, this can also be completed in a “semi tint” process, that is a little less full depth colour, allowing existing tones to still show through.

tint stamp revamp tugan

Staining to Revamp the Stamp

Staining to revamp your old stamped concrete is a great way to bring back multiple colour combinations that you had when you stamped concrete was brand new. When we are dealing with an existing stamped surface for example, that already has it’s existing colours, as well as areas of no colour at all from wear and tear, this is when this process truly shines. Being able to combine lightly 2-3 different colours, to work alongside the existing colours, really allows us to come up with some truly unique and custom installations that leaves that concrete really shining and looking like it belongs in an art gallery.

Multi Tone Stain Stamped Tallai

Custom Resurface & Staining

This is where we separate the men from the boys. This process can be supplied in a brand new package installation, or simply by resurfacing your existing concrete area. First off, we apply our heavily modified resurfacing products over your floor, creating a completely new design for the area. Whether the design is mimicking a stone surface, a rough textured trowel, or a completely smooth surface to later hand cut separation areas into, everything is custom completed to suit your needs. From there, we apply our custom stain combinations to the surface to fit in with with the existing area, and finish off with a full sealing process that leaves a completely unique, custom design that is truly a once off that no one else in the world will have.

Skip Trowel Overlay
Custom Staining
epoxy flooring sample

Epoxy – Metallic Design

Food for Thought - Epoxy - Metallic Designs

Getting creative with Metallic Epoxy. Simply put, lets blend everything together in various patterns to see what we can come up with!

Ok, so that may be a little too basic, but it’s the general principle. For me, metallic designs is more working with the product to let it create something amazing, rather than trying to control the product and force it do something.

Every piece of metallic work is a completely unique design in both colours and patterning. This process is working on WOW factor more than anything, perfect for that garage area displaying your latest Harley or Shelby Cobra…..or even simply for you modern restaurant service area, the applications are many, the designs unique and the results are always impressive.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved.

epoxy flooring sample
epoxy flooring sample
epoxy flooring sample
epoxy flooring sample
epoxy flooring sample
epoxy flooring sample
decorative concrete epoxy flooring gold coast

Epoxy – Flake Design

Food for Thought - Epoxy - Flake Designs

Epoxy flooring is by far the best solution for any indoor resurfacing application. Clean, easy to maintain and outstanding appearance keep this product at the top of decision making for garages, kitchens and other indoor purposes.

I offer a couple of different options for epoxy flooring, here we will go over my Full Flake installation that I can provide, which I suppose would be your typical Garage installation for this product.

Beginning with a full, typical prep for any resurfacing, the floor is cleaned thoroughly, acid etched and primed ready for our new coatings.

From here, a base colour is chosen, along with flake colours and our products are applied, giving a very sturdy, colourful design that is easy to maintain for years to come.

The following pictures are just different examples of the design, each aspect can be chosen individually as per requirements in colouring.

epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
epoxy flooring example
Concrete Driveway & Surrounds Hope Island

Concrete Options

Concrete Options

Good ol’ concrete. Been around since the Roman times, realistically has only several appearances in variation of finish, but can be applied to almost anything, creating wonderful structures simple by mixing some of mother natures natural resources.

For us though, what we provide are residential finishes for your houses.

Over the past 20 odd years, there isn’t really much that we haven’t had our hands on for experience, so the level of expertise is second to none.

I do find however, that specialising allows a trade person to focus on a particular area, and instead of being a “jack of all trades”, become a master of what we do.

Not only do we provide all installations of our concrete works up to Australian Written Standards, but you’ll find in most cases, because we are concreting an area that is either a decorative installation (colour concrete), or something that will have decoration added to later (spray on resurfacing), our technical standards are far beyond what is considered “acceptable” workmanship.

Following are some basic examples of what we can provide our clients.

Plain Concrete Installation

Although the most basic of installations in regards to concrete, it is also the most common world wide. From pathways to bridges and sky scraper buildings, plain concrete is literally everywhere you can see.

For us, it is a rarity to pour plain concrete that will not have another finish applied at a later date. In our line of the industry, plain concrete is more used for the installation of the house slab itself, of which I refuse to work on anymore at this stage in life.

So you’ll find us installing plain concrete for a driveway, house surrounds or house extension with the intention of either spray resurfacing or epoxy resurfacing the top at a later date.

However, there is the odd exception where the right job comes along at the right price and we pull the boys out of the woodwork for a day on a deck, picture attached may or may not be having a little too much fun on one of these days.

Colour Through Concrete

Colour Through Concrete is what you could call a modern approach to colouring your concrete.

Typically in years past, your contractor would pour plain concrete, only to throw the coloured Iron Ore pigments into the surface and finish accordingly.

However, this old way had a limited life span, if the client didn’t maintain their concrete, the colour would wear off and look horrible (not to mention the health hazards of throwing the powder colour on in high winds).

So these days, we have our concrete supplier mix the colour directly into the brew when batching our concrete. This colours the concrete right through and will hold the test of time (and erosion), keeping your colour true for years to come.

decorative concrete gold coast

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Now this is where the quality of installer really shines through. There are contractors who are concreters, then there are contractors who can install exposed aggregate correctly.

From start to finish, every step of the way for installation of exposed aggregate requires attention to detail. Correct decision making and a keen reliance on past experience to make sure your stone is exposed correctly and evenly, no screed lines are in the surface, and your concrete will last the test of time and not erode and lose stone as it gets older.

Shoot us an email for some address’s of our work, go out and have a look, then take a walk around and look at 90% of other exposed concrete installations. A keen eye will see the separation in quality quickly and not hesitate to give us a call to install your new exposed driveway.

Concrete Driveway Upper Coomera

Stamped Impressions

Stamping of concrete is ever so popular in America, and really took off here in Australia during the 80’s and 90’s. However, the old process of throwing the colour in, combined with clients not maintaining their product, soon led to it becoming less popular as the finish got older and started to deteriorate.

But never fear! We have re-designed the wheel… to speak.

We’ve adjusted our installation to allow for colour to be mixed through the concrete completely (see coloured concrete above), then by applying off setting release agent colours, have come up with a similar overall look and appeal to the finish, whilst allowing the concrete to maintain its visual appeal for years to come.

With lots of different impressions that can be used, have a chat with us about what we can provide, even though it’s not done much anymore, I love stamping and welcome any new work for it.

stamped concrete

Mixing Things Up

Don’t get caught in the mindset of your decorative concrete installation having to be just a solid, singular design.

Why not use a few simple techniques of adding flavour to your installation.

  • A border in a different coloured exposed stone?
  • A border in a different colour concrete?
  • Tile inserts on your exposed installation?
  • Colour in your exposed concrete?

Have a chat with us today about some custom designs for your new decorative concrete installation.

decorative concrete
Concrete Refurbishment Arundel

Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Our first and most popular option, known by a number of names from varying companies, Spray on Concrete Resurfacing is the process of applying a new surface to your existing concrete by trowel and air compressor.

This is a cement product heavily modified to bond thoroughly to your existing concrete surface, along with having pretty colours and designs to spice up your areas.

Typically a product primarily used outdoors, you may choose this option for tired, old concrete that is in need of refreshing, or you may be trying to get a few different areas of concrete to all match together, or you may choose this approach for your new concrete driveway so you can do something a little custom and stand out from the crowd.

Our second approach to decorative concrete resurfacing is Epoxy Flooring systems. This is more of an “indoor” product most suitable to garage floors, commercial kitchens and other in-house environments.

Although the physical application differs from Covercrete Resurfacing, the results can be outstanding! From mild to wild, Epoxy Flooring is extremely versatile for any indoor area.

Both finishes have a great life span if looked after correctly and will keep you concrete areas looking new and shiny for many years to come.

Following are a few samples of different design options that you may find you like, but don’t be afraid to search Google for different ideas, remembering, if you can think it, we can most likely apply it to your concrete.

Tile or Diamond Patterning

This would be the most popular approach to most projects that we encounter. It’s basically a “can’t go wrong” mentality to the design.

We begin obviously getting a proper square from the existing house, or 45deg if going for a Diamond, then basically just spacing out each individual line to the size required by our clients. You’ll also notice on this example shown we applied a bulk border to the outside just to break things up a bit more with a different colour.

Always remember as well, the smaller the tiles / diamonds, the smaller the area will look as a whole as it appears more “busy”. Great idea to keep the patterns bigger to keep the areas looking more expansive.

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

Custom Patterning

For something a little less “formal” than tiles or diamonds, why not have us install custom triangles and other unique shapes.

This taping is completely done by eye on the day and is basically an expression of the installers artistic approach.

You’ll notice with the picture example, the first being a simple custom taped design, whilst the second has added to that taped design by applying custom decorative swirling and patching throughout, but we’ll speak more on this custom finish in a bit.

custom taping

Offset Tiles

Offset tiles is a more intricate approach to a contemporary tiled approach.

Each line is taped in both directions, so for instance, if your tiles are needed to be 800mm long by 400mm wide, the area is taped every 800mm in one direction, then every 400mm in the other direction.

From there, each second section of taping between tiles is removed by stanley blade, leaving the design as shown in the picture provided.

Obviously the time consumption for taping this design is more than a standard tile pattern, so the pricing does increase a bit, but the visual appeal is well worth the reasonable extra cost.

Concrete Resurfacing Tallai

Decorative Borders & Insets

A lot of the time, less can be more when making improvements to large areas, of course depending entirely on your personal outlook.

A great way to add just a little something to an area without going overboard, is a simple border on your new concrete surface.

This can be a bulk colour border, or we can add tiled taping for a busier look, we can also step up a bit from there and continue the borders as an “inset” into the main concrete surface along control joint lines.

Again, what we can do is only limited to imagination most of the time, and I absolutely love getting creative, it keeps my little crazy man in my head working overtime and enjoying what I do, so hit me with a challenge.

decorative borders

Custom Centre Pieces

If you’ve got a large area and are not fond of a tile like approach, there are other ways to break up the bordom of singular colours.

Apart from the standard flecking that is applied to pretty much all our work, you can break up large areas with custom centre pieces.

Whether its a simple taped in triangle like the one shown here, or an intricate compass design with different colours outlining each aspect of the piece, there are many options to choose from, and of course YES, let your imagination run wild.

custom center piece

Full Custom Designs

Got a little bit of a wild streak in you? Like to think outside the box a little with a bit of wow factor thrown in?


Then you’re right up my alley of spectacular street and we need to talk more in depth, in person, about what we can provide and about bringing your vision to life.

Just a small sample of custom works shown in the picture provided, each and every custom design we provide is unique to both our clients desires and the vision of the applicator. No two pieces are the same, and no other contractor will replicate because we all have our own styles.

full custom resurfacing

Epoxy Flooring

Last but not least is of course our Epoxy Flooring options.

This resurfacing approach is much more suited to indoor uses, ranging from single colour designs for commercial environments, to full flake finishes for garage floors and finally complete custom, metallic finishes for that WOW factor.

Epoxy is a great, long lasting product that is applied through a series or trowel, squigy and rollers. Not only is epoxy great to look at, but it is a breeze to clean and keep stains away from the surface.

epoxy flooring
Stamped Concrete Carrara

End of 2016 Update

Happy New Year!

I’d like to tell you that I was that snowed under towards the end of 2016, that I just didn’t have time to update completed work on the website…..I’d like to tell you that….but I can’t. I was just lazy.

So here now at the start of 2017, I decided to just chuck some photos together of some of the work we completed and put them all into one post. No descriptions for any of the work, just a visual extravaganza of what we got up to.

Plenty of work lined up, 2017 has started with a bang. I will endeavour to not be a lazy ass and keep the website updated more often.

Concrete Resurfacing Gilston
Concrete Resurfacing Gilston
Concrete Resurfacing Gilston
Stamped Concrete Carrara
Stamped Concrete Carrara
Concrete Parking Labrador
Concrete Parking Labrador
Colour Concrete Driveway Tallai
Colour Concrete Driveway Tallai
Colour Concrete Driveway Tallai
Concrete Bin Area Logan School
Concrete Bin Area Logan School
Concrete Truck

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who had their work completed by us last year. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and a fun New Years Eve. This week we’ll be slowly getting our next projects organised to get a start on them next week when our suppliers start back up again. We’ve enjoyed our time off and are now bored and ready to get back into it with some nice projects all booked in and ready to go. All the best for 2017 to everyone!