Standard Concrete

The bread and butter, nuts and bolts of the industry. I started working with concrete over 20 years ago now and as all new comers do, started out doing basic concrete installations with the companies I was working for and learning from.

I started out on House Slab and Factory Floor installations and have since over the years been heavily involved in the installation of multi storey decks, commercial flooring installations and basically anything else standard, plain concrete works as a foundation for.

To be fair, these days I find most installations of standard concrete to be boring, but of course, it’s part of the business and I have the knowledge and experience to handle any plain concrete installation you require.

I’ll just put some photos down here of projects that I have been on over the years, with a brief explanation of what they entailed.

Plain Concrete Carrara

This was a structural floor that I poured down at Carrara Markets. It was an extension to an already existing floor that was later to be spray on resurfaced, making all old and new areas the same ready for an entertainment arena.

Plain Concrete Driveway Molendinar

Here we installed a 500+sqm plain concrete driveway at Molendinar on the Gold Coast. Our client had been putting up with a gravel driveway for over 20 years before getting in touch with us to install the new driveway. Start from the back and work our way out type of setup here.

Plain Concrete Driveway Ormeau

This was a new driveway installation at Ormeau where we placed plain concrete over 350sqm~ that was later spray on resurfaced with a lovely charcoal diamond pattern throughout.

Concrete Driveway Upper Coomera

For this project, the front was to be poured in colour through concrete, but for the side driveway leading to the rear shed on the property, we installed plain concrete throughout over roughly 200sqm.

Concrete Driveway Molendinar

This was another very large driveway in Molendinar that we completed by being passed on from our last client in this area, for basically nearly the same scope of works. About 400sqm of plain concrete went down here over a 3 pours leaving the client with a new driveway that doesn’t wash away everytime it rains.

Concrete Deck Ashmore

Back in the days when I used to poke my fingers into builders work, this is a deck we completed with about 60% of the job suspended and the being slab on ground. Man power was all that was needed here, lots of concrete going down and lots of experienced men to make sure it went it correctly. Always fun days these ones, love it when the lads can get together and enjoy a laugh or two.